Solved General Studies Expected MCQs for NTSE Part – 2

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Q 11. The movement contributed to a split in the Indian National Congress that results in the emergence of Moderates and Extremists is

A. Quit India Movement

B. Swadeshi Movement

C. Civil Disobedience Movement

D. Non-Cooperation Movement

Answer: B

Swadeshi movement

Q 12. The rock-cut temples and caves at Ellora are

A. Buddhist only

B. Hindu and Jain

C. Buddhist and Jain

D. Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain

Answer: D

World Heritage List

Q 13. Who has written the famous epic poem Padmavat?

A. Abdul QuddusGangohi

B. Hasan Nizami

C. Malik Muhammad Jayasi

D. JavadNurbakhsh

Answer: C

Malik Muhammad Jayasi

Q 14. Who was appointed as the first Surveyor General of Bengal with whom the Survey of India began to scientifically map the unknown regions of India?

A. James Rennell

B. Lord Clive

C. Warren Hastings

D. Colin Mackenzie

Answer: A

National Archives of India

Q 15. Who is the author of The Golden Threshold (1905) ?

A. Annie Basant

B. Vijayalakshmi Pandit

C. Aruna Asaf Ali

D. Sarojini Naidu

Answer: D

Sarojini Naidu

Q 16. Which among the following was the ancient port of Indus Civilization?

A. Chanhudaro

B. Harappa

C. Dholavira

D. Lothal

Answer: D


Q 17. Which of the following is the most important source of information on the history of modern India?

A. Antiquities and monuments

B. Archive and literature

C. Inscriptions

D. Archaeological excavations

Answer: B

Q 18. Who wrote the famous book Kitab-ul-Hind?

A. Abul Fazl

B. Al Biruni

C. Amir Khusrau

D. Ibn Khaldun

Answer: B


Q 19. The major objectives of the International Solar Alliance Summit are

(1) To make clean, affordable, and renewable energy available to poorest sections of the society.

(2) To help to combat climate change.

(3) To significantly reduce the costs of solar energy.

(4) To ensure the promotion of green energy in metropolitan cities.

(5) To meet the high energy demand in developing countries.

Choose the correct answer using the codes given below:

A. 1,2, and 5

B. 2,3, and 5

C. 3 and 4

D. 1,3, 4,5

Answer: B

International Solar Alliance

Q 20. The 23rd edition of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT-2019) will be hosted by

A. Albania

B. Georgia

C. Armenia

D. Belarus

Answer: C

World Congress On Information Technology