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Folk Dance Chhau

Folk Dance Chhau

  • Recognized by UNESCO.
  • Mask dance
  • Chhau means chhaya or shadow.
  • Theme mythological based on Ramayana or Mahabharata conflict between God and Evil.
  • Martial movements are present here
  • Hindustani music
  • Performed during Chaitra nonth
  • 3 sub styles
  • Sarai kella chhau popular in Jharkhand
  • Purulia chhau in West Bengal
  • Mayurbhanj chhau mask is not used.

Purulia Chhau

Purulia Chhau
  • Originated from the Purulia distrct.
  • Mostly performed in the open space or ground field during the night.
  • It is a mask dance performed only by the male dancers.
  • The masks are made up from the clay and paper.
  • It is mythological, as it is mainly based on various episodes of the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.
  • As the singer complete the invocation song, a host of drummers and musicians start beating the Dhol and the Dhamsa.

Martial Dances

Martial Arts
  • Gatka from Punjab nihanga community
  • Thangta from Manipur display of swords important.
  • Kalaripattu from kerala.

Art& Culture

Indian States and Folk Dances

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Illustration
Visual Arts
  • Indian Architecture
  • Indian Sculpture

Performing Arts

Performig Arts