Kalamkari & Bengal School: Warli, Patna, Modern Paintings and Important Personalities for NTSE

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  • Done by using kalam (pen) .
  • Has two subtypes:
  • Mausalipatnam style paintings focus on the Islamic aesthetics and the ripe fruit is used to color the paintings.
  • Srikalahasti style draes paintings on the Hindu mythology and the color is drawn from raw fruits.

Warli Paintings

Warli Paintings
  • Tribal paintings
  • Maharashtra region
  • Mural paintings
  • Cow dung is used for background plaster
  • White coloured rice paste is used to draw figures.

Manjusha Paintings

Manjusha Paintings
  • Bhagalpur region, Bihar
  • Also called as Angika art
  • Mainly snake paintings
  • Done on the boxes of jute and paper

Patna Qulam Paintings

Patna Qulam Paintings
  • Theme common man, daily life scenes
  • Miniature
  • Male artists dominates
  • Indo-british style
  • Painters-sevakram

Baazar Paintings

Bazzar Paintings
  • Bengal region
  • European influence figures of roman and greek statues are copied
  • Figures of Indian gods with many arms etc are condemned because they didn՚t follow human representation.
  • Everyday baazar scenes, female dancers dancing before british officers

Modern Painting

  • Western influence
  • Started by Raja Ravi Varma.
  • Not started for glorification
  • Paintings lady in moon light, Ravan kidnapping sita

Bengal School

  • Use of simple colours
  • Reactionary approach
  • Primitive features are revived
  • Painters Abhanindranath Tagore-Arabian night series
  • Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindra Nath Tagore՚s Painting
  • Use of black ink lines dominate
  • Sense of rhythm
  • Spiritituality in his images
  • Paintings are directly linked to his writings

M. F. Hussain

M. F. Hussain Painting
  • Perfect balance between line and color
  • Photographer, painter and film-maker
  • Picasso of India
  • Theme persofication of romance
  • Theme abstract art
  • Favourite motif horse
  • Cubist style