Sculpture of Gupta Age & Chola Sculpture for NTSE

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Sculpture of Gupta Age

Buddha Sculpture
  • New school was added Sarnath School of sculpture.
  • A perfect balance between sensuousness of the kushan figures and symbolic abstraction of the early medieval ones.
  • Representation of HARI HARA from MP.
  • Cream coloured sandstone
  • Nackedness was lacking more dresses on Buddha.
  • The aura is more decorated.
  • Gupta image of Buddha smile on face suggesting the ultimate harmony achieved by him.
  • Every aspect of image according to prescribed canons of beauty and meaning.
  • The four Buddha image at sanchi entrance.
  • Both standing and seated Buddha evolved.
  • Very few stupa

Chola Sculpture

Nataraja 1
  • Natraja
  • Dedicated to lord shiva
  • Mainly bronze sculpture
  • Upper right hand damru
  • Represents a great sound from which all creations springs.
  • Upper left hand eternal fire.
  • Destruction feature
Nataraja 2
  • Lower right hand gesture of benediction
  • Lower left hand moksha path
  • Standing on dwarg individual ego
  • Mettler lock ganga river
  • Crescent moon shine it՚s all glory
  • Small earing in one ear, big earing in the other ardhnarishwar
  • Snake represents kundalini
  • Circle unending cycles of life