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1. It is also called mineral oil.

2. Oilfields in North east India

  1. Digboi north east of Tipam hills in Dibrugarh distt., it is the oldest oilfield.

  2. Naharkatiya fields 32 km. from started in 1953.

  3. Moranhugugan started in 1956, 40 km. southwest of Naharkatiya.

  4. Rudrasagar, Sibsagar, Lakura, Galeki, Badarpur, Barhola and Anguri are newly discovered oilfields.

  5. In Arunachal Pradeshoilfields are in Manabhum, Kharsang, Charali.

  6. In Tripura, oilfields are in Mamunbhang, Baramura, Dcntamura Subhang, Manu, Ampibagar Amarpurdambura.

3. In Western India Gujarat

  1. Ankleshwar 80 km. of Vadodara, J.L. Nehru called Ankleshwar as fountain of prosperity;

  2. Khambat or Lunej (near Ahmadabad) field started in 1958;

  3. Ahmadabad and Kalol.

4. New oilfields are Kosamba, Mahesana, Sanand, Kathana, Olkad, Dholka, Arjol, Khadi, Sandkhurd, Siswas, Nandsan, Bhandarat, Sabhasam and Vadesar.

5. Offshore oilfields of India

  1. Mumbai high, Sagar Samrat is its platform;

  2. Bassein;

  3. Aliabet near Bhavnagar.

6. Production is largest in Mumbai high (62%), Gujarat (20%), Assam (16.5%), then in Tamil Nadu (1%).

7. Oil refineries in private sector

  1. Reliance Petroleum in Jamnagar.

  2. International Petro Parmar in Surat;

  3. Ashok Leylands in Daitori in Orissa;

  4. Essar Petro in Vadimar, Gujarat;

  5. Black Gold in Vyag;

  6. Petrodyne in Karaikal, Pondichery;

  7. Jindal ferro Alloy in Vizag;

  8. Portmardi TIDCO in Tuticorin, T N

  9. Abon LLyod Chales in Tuticorin;

  10. Moplac Udyog in Haldia.

8. Joint venture refining

  1. Mangalore refining;

  2. Bhakat Oman's Bina in M.P;

  3. H.P. Oman's Devgarh in Matra;

  4. IOCKNPC in Daitari, Orissa.

Oil Pipelines

Oil pipelines 7.5 thousand km. in India; first pipeline was laid in Assam in Nunmati to Barauni, 1167 km., now extended to Kanpur; second in Salaya in Gujarat to Mathura in U P , 12.56 km. , it is being extended to Panipat and Jalandhar and finally to Koyali in Gujarat; third is Mumbai to Pune; fourth is from Rajbandh to Maurigram in W.Bengal;

HEP: Tamil Nadu: Mettur, Pykara, Papnasham, Kadamparai, Pandiyar, Kodayar, Kundah and Periyar projects.

Punjab: Bhakra dam, Ganguwal and Kotla projects on Sutlej river, Pong dam on Vyas,

U P : Bahadurabad, Mohammadpur Chitura, Salwa, Bhola, Plara, Sumera, Sardar Sarovar, Ramganta, Matatila dam near Jhansi on Betwa, Rihand project on R. Rihand.

Kerala, 100% electricity is generated through hydroelectric projects Idukki, Kuttyadi, Sabargiri, Sholayar, Manantvadi, Chalkudi, Puyankutti, lower Periyar, Pallinsal.

Maharashtra: Lonavala grid which has 3 powerhouse is in Khopoli, in Vjbhpuri and third in Bhira, Konya project (tributary of Krishna), Puma, Vaitarna.

In Orissa are Hirakund, Bhimakund, Rengali and In Himachal Pradesh Mandi project in Jogindernagar, Pando project on Vyas river. In J&K Chenab, Sind, Jhelum and Salal projects.

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