NTSE MAT – Last Minute Guidelines & Quick Revision

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NTSE MAT - Last Minute Guidelines & Quick Revision: Introduction - MAT and SAT, Key Topics - 100 Q. , Verbal and Non Verbal Analogy. Verbal and Non Verbal Series, Classification.

NTSE MAT Exam Last Minute Guidelines & Quick Revision
Sequence Completion and Analogies: Nonverbal Visual Reasoning
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Series
  • Classification
  • Coding-Decoding
Mastering Blood Relations Coding Decoding Problems

Distance and Direction

4 Simple Techniques to Solve Direction Problems in Reasoning

👌 Blood Relations

Fixing Blood Relations Problems with 3 Simple Tricks

Alphabet and Number Test

2 Simple Tricks to Solve All Alphabet Series Problems

Ranking and Arrangements

👌 Venn Diagrams

Sets & Venn Diagrams - 4 Possible Types of Questions

Mathematical Operations

Calendar, Time and Clock

Speed, Time & Distance (Aptitude) - 3 Concepts & Shortcuts: Systematically Solve All Problems

Missing Characters

Embedded Figures

Paper Cutting and Folding

Paper Folding & Paper Cutting - 1 Simple Technique

Cube and Dice

Cutting Cube, Dice and Cuboid - Quick Method for Finding Painted Sides (Visualization)
  • Word Problems
  • Water and Mirror Images
Magic of Reflecting Surfaces - Solving Mirror Image and Water Image Problems

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