Stage III to V of Indian National Astronomy Olympiad (INAO)

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Stage III: Orientation Cum Selection Camp (OCSC) in Astronomy

OCSC in astronomy is organized by HBCSE every year tentatively in April or May 2013 for couple of weeks. The final dates and schedule is announced either before or with the display of the selection list for the OCSC.

Eligibility for OCSC: Students who have cleared Stage II (INAO) are only eligible for the camp. There is no other way through which you can get into the camp.

The camps involve thorough understanding of topics through theoretical as well as practical i.e.. . Experimental tests and lectures. At the beginning of the function, orientation is provided to students while the programme ends with a valedictory function where distinguished scientists are invited to speak to the students.

The students are ranked on the basis of the total scores achieved in all the tests in the camp. For this ranking, 50 % weightage is given to theoretical tests, 30 % weightage is given to data analysis test while 20 % weightage is given to the observational tests. Performance in previous stages (NSEA and INAO) are not considered for the preparation of the merit list and awards of the OCSC astronomy.

The top 5 in the OCSC astronomy merit list will be special merit awardees and will be members of the Indian team for IOAA.

All the selected students will become part of the Indian teams only if they satisfy the eligibility criteria of age, Class, holding valid Indian passport, medical fitness, parental consent, etc. Apart from selection to the Indian teams, the selected students will be awarded with a special merit award of ₹ 5,000 each in the form of books and cash.

Stage IV: Pre-Departure Training (PDT) Camps for IOAA

The selected Indian teams for IOAA will undergo a rigorous training programme at HBCSE in theory, data analysis and observational astronomy. Trained personnels and eminent personalities will be faculties to train the team of students. The duration of training will be subject to IOAA regulations.

Stage V: Participation in IOAA

The 2 leaders and 1 observer (if any) for IOAA will accompany the Indian team.

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