References for Mathematics Olympiad

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The books which are to be referred for the Maths subject are given below:

  1. Problem Primer for the Olympiads by CR Pranesachar, BJ Venkatachala and CS Yogananda (Prism Books Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, 2008)

  2. Challenge and Thrill of Pre-College mathematics authored by V Krishnamurthy, CR Pranesachar, KN Ranganathan and BJ Venkatachala (and published by New Age International Publishers, New Delhi-2007).

  3. An Excursion in Mathematics edited by MR Modak, SA Katre and VV Acharya (Publishers: Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana, Pune, 2008).

  4. Problem Solving Strategies penned by Arthur Engel (Springer-Verlag, Germany, 1999).

  5. Functional Equations written by BJ Venkatachala (Published by Prism Books Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, 2008).

  6. Mathematical Circles by Russian Experience: Fomin and others (Publishers: University Press, Hyderabad, 2008).

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