Stage I: Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO)

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The RMO is a test conducted regionally for the selection of students for second stage of INMO by the regional coordinators. This is a 3-hour written test. It comprises of 6 or 7 problems. For easy selection procedure, the regional coordinators may also organize a pre-RMO test through which certain students will be selected for RMO. For those regions opting for the central RMO paper, a pre-RMO will be mandatory. The paper style and evaluation and selection criteria does not have any fixed format. It is upto the sole discretion of the coordinators. They may prepare the RMO question papers all by themselves or they may choose to use the central RMO question paper prepared by the Mathematical Olympiad Cell, HBCSE, TIFR.

The final date of central RMO test is the first Sunday of December this year (December 02, 2012). The timings will be between 1.00 p. m. And 4.00 p. m. Those regions who do not opt for central RMO will have their test before December 15, 2012. Students from Class IX, X, XI and XII are eligible to appear for the RMO. But a student from Class VIII who is highly knowledgeable, motivated and prepared for the test may appear for the test at the discretion of the Regional Coordinator. At most 6 Class XII students from each region will be selected to appear for Stage 2 (INMO). The Regional Coordinators may charge a nominal fee to meet the expenses for organizing the contest.

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