Facts related to Olympiad Examination

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Query: Can I participate in olympiad examination individually as my school is not taking part in olympiad examinations?

Response: Olympiad examinations are organized through school usually and if your school is not taking part in these examinations, you will not be able to give most of these examinations. However, there are few examinations which facilitate direct student participation like NSTSE.

Useful links for students who are highly interested in solving Olympiad related problems espcially for mathematics. There are some students who refrain from solving such kind of questions just by the fear of the name Olympiad. The 3 core sources to get Olympiad material are as follows:

  • The Internet: Provides a cheap, interactive learning resource with interviews and solutions to difficult problems. Internet as a reference book. The Internet is a huge repository of information. Some of the good links you can always refer include Wikipedia, Mathworld, Planetmath etc.
  • Good References and Books
  • Institutes, people and personal guidance

Most of the material available on internet is based on personal experiences and how things worked for oneselves. It includes providing problems that an individual faced while preparing for the examination and reflects a fair and unbiased picture of the facts.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How to prepare for the Olympiad?
  • What should be the balance between theory and problems?
  • Should we try for the difficult problems or start with simple ones?
  • Chalk out the importance of Olympiad preparation and its role as a career in mathematics?
  • Does preparation for Olympiad hinder preparation for other examinations?
  • How does Olympiad preparation help students in learning engineering or other subjects?

Some Useful Websites

Bookshops in India for Olympiad

  • Bangalore: Tata Book House, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012. A 20% discount on all books. Website
  • Chennai: Eswara Bookstores, Natesan Street, Mambalam, Chennai 600 017. A 10% discount on all academic books.

Journals Published in India for Olympiad

Samasya is a journal published in India. The editors are B. J. Venkatachala and C. S. Yogananda, working in the Mathematical Olympiad Cell at IISc, Bangalore.

The Mathematics Teacher is a journa published by the Association of Mathematics Teachers of India.

Sankhya is published by people in ISI Kolkata.

Institutes, Coaches and Guidance in India

  • Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana: Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana in Pune has been a hub for Olympiad students for the past ten years. BP is primarily a research institute and its Olympiad training activities supplement its research.
  • AMTI: Association of Mathematics Teachers of India has its headquarters in Chennai is responsible for conducting Olympiad activities in Tamil Nadu and also publishes magazines such as The Mathematics Teacher.

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