1st IGKO 2017-18 to be Held on 12th, 22<Sup>nd</Sup> September and 10<Sup>th</Sup> October 2017 (Download PDF)

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International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) is a general knowledge Olympiad program is targeted at young learners. Conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) . 1st IGKO 2017 - 18 to be held on 12th, 22nd September and 10th October 2017.

Important Dates

Table Contain Shows the List of Important Dates
Exam NameDate 1Date 2
IGKO12 & 22 Sep 201710 October 2017
  • Participants of IGKO are ranked on the basis of marks obtained.
  • Students can judge themselves academically at 4 different levels within the school, at city, state level, and at International level.
  • Students are suitably awarded based on their international ranking. Prizes include cash prizes, computers, medals, CD՚s, etc.
  • International, Zonal and Class topper awards will be provided to winners of IGKO.
  • The exam is conducted during school hours.
  • Exam Venue: participating schools

About Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

SOF is a nonprofit organisation established by leading academicians, scientists and media personalities. The Science Olympiad is conducted on two dates in school. There will be separate question paper for different dates.

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