Upcoming Olympiad Dates for 2015 [ Olympiad Updates ]


Schedule of Olympiad exams for 2015-16 is given below for SOF, the school has to select one date for conducting the Olympiad in their school. Change of date is not permitted by SOF. There are separate question paper for different dates. Schools may send registrations by 31st August 2015.

Olympiad Examination Date 2015-16

Olympiad Examination Date 2015-16

Exam Date

Date 1

Date 2


23rd Sept 2015

8th Oct 2015


20th Oct 2015

5th Nov 2015


26th Nov 2015

10th Dec 2015


20th Jan 2016

28th Jan 2016

As announced by SOF, the 2nd level exam will be held on 2nd/ 3rd Sunday of Feb 2016. 2nd level exam will be held for students from classes three to twelve for NCO, NSO & IMO and IEO will be a single level exam.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 11, 2015

No more confusion, prepare with fully solved previous years questions for all Olympiads: NSO, NCO, IMO, and IEO for all classes.