National Standard Examination in Astronomy (NSEA) Solved Paper 2016 Part-14

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Q: 49. A block of mass 5 kg is to be dragged along a rough horizontal surface having 0.3. The horizontal force applied for dragging it is 20 N. . Select statement/s.

(A) Frictional force acting on the block is 20 N.

(B) Block will be displaced

(C) Block will move with acceleration 1

(D) Block will initially move and then stop

Answer: (A)

Q: 50. The negation of the statement: f(x) is continuous for all real number X. is

(A) is not continuous for all real numbers X

(B) is not continuous for any real numbers X

(C) is not continuous for every real numbers X

(D) is not continuous for some real numbers X

Answer: (D)

Q: 51. A bullet moving with a speed of 72 m/s comes to a half in a fixed wooden block on travelling 9 cm inside it. If the wooden block (of the same type of wood) were to be 8 cm thick, the bullet would come out of the block with a speed.





Answer: (C)

Q: 52. Let be a vertical line and m a line that makes an angle of with ℓ. Consider the cone generated by rotating m around the axis ℓ. If plane L makes an angle of 15° with line ℓ then the intersection of the plane and the cone is

(A) A parabola

(B) A pair of straight line

(C) An ellipse

(D) A hyperbola

Answer: (D)

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