National Standard Examination in Biology (NSEB) Solved Paper 2016 Part-4

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Q: 24. Following are the biotic components of an ecosystem

(i) Primary Producers

(ii) Primary Consumers

(iii) Secondary Consumers

(iv) Tertiary Consumers

(v) Decomposers

The components without which an ecosystem cannot exist is/ are





Answer: (B)

Q: 25. Assuming same body size, which of the following animals will have largest stomach?

(A) Dolphin

(B) Llama

(C) Leopard

(D) Vulture

Answer: (B)

Q: 26. Choose the correct combination of the animals 1 and 2 with the feature that differentiates them.

Q_26_Table of Choose the Correct Combination Animals
Q_26_Table of Choose the Correct Combination Animals

Animal 1

Animal 2





Amniotic egg












Loss of tail

Answer: (B)

Q: 27. If the frequency of a dominant phenotype in a stable population is 75%, the frequency of recessive allele in that population would be,

(A) 0.375

(B) 0.25

(C) 0.75

(D) 0.50

Answer: (B)

Q: 28. During a field trip, a zoology student collected some specimens, They tried identifying one of the specimens. To do this they observed and listed the following characteristics: Absence of special sense orgAnswer such as eyes, ability to withstand low oxygen levels and poorly developed nervous system. The specimen could most likely be:

(A) A free-living flatworm such as Planaria

(B) An ectoparasites like flea

(C) A filter feeder like mollusk

(D) An endoparasite like liver fluke

Answer: (D)

Q:29. Which one of the following genetic disorders can be detected by karyotyping?

(A) Down syndrome

(B) Phenylketonuria

(C) Hemophilia

(D) Huntington’s Disease

Answer: (A)

Q: 30. In a test cross of F1 generation having a genotype AaBb, following progeny were obtained; AaBb (450), aabb (450), Aabb (50), aaBb (50)

How far in centimorgAnswer (cM) are the a and b genes?

(A) 100

(B) 90

(C) 10

(D) 1

Answer: (C)

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