National Standard Examination in Biology (NSEB) Solved Paper 2016 Part-8

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Q: 46. Which combination of statements correctly relates to the stress exerted by excess of sodium chloride in the soil on the plants?

(i) Salt lower the water potential of soil

(ii) Salt lowers the pH of soil

(iii) Excess sodium ions exert a toxic influence

(iv) Organic contents of root hair cells make the water potential less negative than that of soil

(v) Organic content of root hair cells make the water potential less negative than that of soil





Answer: (A)

Q: 47. A male English Robin attacks a bundle of red feathers placed in it territory but ignores a stuffed non-red juvenile. This is an example of:

(i) Fixed action pattern

(ii) Learned behaviour

(iii) Learned behaviour

(iv) Reflex action pattern

(v) Cognitive behaviour





Answer: (C)

Q: 48. A few examples of transport across cell membrane are listed below. Which of them occur by direct passive diffusion?

(A) Movement of oxygen molecules into cells

(B) Movement of sodium ion against its concentration gradient

(C) Uptake of cholesterol by cells

(D) Secretion of mucus by cells

Answer: (A)

Q: 49. The interaction between actin an myosin generates the force for all of the following except:

(A) Cytoplasmic streaming in a cell of Chara

(B) Wriggling movement of an earthworm

(C) Closure of leaflet of “touch-me-not” plant

(D) Swallowing of food in man

Answer: (C)

Q: 50. Which of the cellular organelles mentioned below have to import all the proteins they contains?

(A) Nucleus

(B) Lysosomes

(C) Chloroplast

(D) Mitochondria

Answer: (B)

Q: 51. While studying enzyme activity, Neeta added 1 of catalase enzyme to fixed volume of hydrogen peroxide solution at different pH values. The time taken to collect 10 of oxygen was measured. The results are plotted on the graph as shown below.

Q 51 Image of Graph Enzyme Activity

Q 51 Image of Graph Enzyme Activity

Q 51 Image of Graph Enzyme Activity

From the graph it can be concluded that:

(A) pH of the solution and time taken for collection of gas are inversely proportional

(B) The rate of reaction is highest at pH 4 and 8

(C) If the rate of reaction is plotted against pH, the graph will look similar

(D) The pattern of graph will remain same if quantity of catalase is doubled

Answer: (D)

Q: 52. Curling or straightening hair using physical and chemical processes is common for reshaping the hair. Which of the following is true/

(A) Curling the straight hair requires to form new SH bonds in hair keratin

(B) Straightened hair has fewer SH bonds than their natural counterpart

(C) Both curling & straightening requires breaking and making of SH bonds

(D) Hydrogen peroxide treatment on hair helps in breaking and making of SH bonds

Answer: (B)

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