IEO Class 1 Paper 2014 Set a Higher Questions and Answers Part 3

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26. Choose the right option.

The baby is crying.

A. Did you call the police?

B. When did they come?

C. Where is her mother?

27. Choose the right option.

There are seven days in a week.

A. Sunday is my favorite.

B. We want to go for a holiday.

C. This is the best time.

28. Choose the right option.

She opened the window because ________.

A. It was dark inside

B. She wanted to do her homework

C. It was quite late

29. Choose the right option.

don՚t eat your food too quickly.

A. Your hands will get dirty.

B. You may choke.

C. The maid will be angry.

30. Choose the right option.

Please put the toys in the cupboard.

A. There are three books on the shelf.

B. The children are studying.

C. The room should be clean.

Achievers Section

31. Choose the right answer.

Sheeba ________ buying some fruits.

A. Has

B. Have

C. Is

32. Choose the right answer.

I՚m full. I can՚t eat ________ more.

A. Any

B. Some

C. Few

33. Identify the word from the given clue.

We get this fruit in bunches.

A. Apples

B. Grapes

C. Watermelons

34. Choose the best response to complete each conversation.

Do you live near here?

A. Yes, at the other end of the town.

B. No, I go there for work.

C. Yes, right across the street.

35. Choose the best response to complete each conversation.

Shall we have our dinner now?

A. I will think of it tomorrow.

B. We will try in the evening.

C. Well, I՚m not too hungry.

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