IEO English 1 Higher Questions and Answers 2013 Set a Part 2

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Read the story and answer the questions.

Sanya and Raghav՚s Day Out

A new park was built on Nehru Street. Sanya and Raghav went to the park to play. It was a big park and not so dirty. Inside the park, they saw fresh green grass and tall Trees with fruits on them. There were colorful swings for the children to play. Many children were playing games like ‘hide-and-seek’ , ‘kho-kho’ and ‘catch the ball’ . Sanya went to a group of girls playing ‘catch the ball’ and asked, ‘Can I play with you, please?’ The tallest girl in the group, Swati, said ‘Sure. You can join my team.’

Sanya was very happy and thanked her. Raghav saw his best friend Pranav flying a kite. He went to him and said, ‘Hi! Do you have another kite?’ ‘Yes, here you are!’ said Pranav and gave him a kite. They flew kites together. After some time, Sanya came and flew kites with them too.

The three friends had a good day in the new park.

15. The park in nehru street was ________.

A. Dirty

B. New

C. Small

16. Which game did the children not play in the park?

A. Catch the ball

B. Hide-and-seek

C. Football

17. Who flew kites?

A. Raghav and sanya՚s friends

B. Pranav and Raghav

C. Pranav, Raghav and sanya

Read the poem and answer the questions.

Moti and I

I got a little puppy

He is furry and brown

He likes to play with a ball

And he is as funny as a clown!

His name is Moti

He loves bones and milk

He is six months old

And his coat is as soft as silk!

He likes going to the park

He loves fresh air and fun

We enjoy playing together

We jump and we run!

He follows me everywhere

Up the stairs and down

I love him a lot

He is the best puppy in town!

18. Who do you think wrote this poem?

A. Moti՚s mother

B. Moti՚s owner

C. Moti՚s brother

19. What does moti like to do?

A. Go up and down the stairs

B. Wear a coat of silk

C. Go to the park

20. How old is moti?

A. Six days old

B. Six months old

C. Six years old

21. Moti is a ________ puppy.

A. Friendly

B. Lazy

C. Big

Choose the best reply to complete each conversation.

22. Seema: Hi Reema. ________?

Reema: I am fine, thanks. How about you?

A. How are you?

B. How is you?

C. How were you?

23. Ketan: Have you got the camera?

Raj: Yes, I________.

A. Am

B. Have

C. Do

24. Sakshi: ________! Here is a gift for you.

Mia: Thanks, Sakshi. I love it!

A. Good bye

B. Happy birthday

C. Sweet dreams

25. Mayank: I can՚t find my math՚s book.

Gargi: ________, I՚ll help you find it.

A. You fool

B. Big mistake

C. don՚t worry

26. Riya: I love playing in the rain.

Shikha: ________!

A. Me too

B. I also

C. So I do

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