IEO Class 10 2013 Set a Part 2 Download All the Past Papers to Prepare for 2021 Exam

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Q 11. Wood is ________.

(A) Flexible

(B) Magnetic

(C) Translucent

(D) Combustible

Q 12. To perish means to ________.

(A) Flourish

(B) Die

(C) Act

(D) Cry

Q 13. A perilous journey is a ________ one.

(A) Dangerous

(B) Long

(C) Boring

(D) Exciting

Q 14. Riya: I՚m so glad I found the keys.

Dad: Yes. I would have been stuck if you ________ them

(A) wouldn՚t find

(B) haven՚t found

(C) hadn՚t found

(D) couldn՚t find

Q 15. Suraj________ his leg while he ________ football

(A) Broke, was playing

(B) Was breaking, was playing

(C) Was breaking, played?

(D) Broke, played

Q 16. Amy is back from Paris and has got me a ________ purse.

(A) Black big lovely

(B) Black lovely big

(C) Lovely big black

(D) Big lovely black

Q 17. ________ are going for a movie tomorrow.

(A) Me and my friends

(B) My friends and me

(C) I and my friends

(D) My friends and I

Q 18. Ritika: Which shirt do you want for Diwali?

Sharad: Either ________ fine with me

(A) Are

(B) One

(C) Is

(D) Not

Q 19. You ________cook today. we՚ve got enough food left over from the party last night.

(A) shouldn՚t to

(B) couldn՚t

(C) wouldn՚t

(D) needn՚t

Q 20. The baby has just gone to sleep. You ________ make any noise.

(A) mustn՚t

(B) don՚t have to

(C) couldn՚t

(D) needn՚t

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