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Read the text and answer the questions that follow.

The Collins dictionary defines bullying as ‘hurting or intimidating a weaker or a smaller person especially to make him do something’ . Every morning hundreds of people and school children all over the world wake up afraid to face the bullies in their lives.

Bullying can take many different forms. Spreading rumours, forming cliques and turning someone՚s friends against them are some forms of bullying seen more commonly in adults whereas hitting or threatening to hit, stealing and name- calling are more common with children. Sometimes it can be as subtle as someone constantly refusing to acknowledge your contributions or value your existence. Whatever forms it takes though, it is just as damaging.

The impact of bullying can be seen in the form it takes though, it is just as damaging.

The impact of bullying can be seen in the form of plummeting performance at work, loss of appetite, loss of confidence, high levels of stress and anxiety and overall a more subdued and scared existence. The constant fear and distress have a ripple effect on all areas of life work, relationships, school and family. Owing to this, bullying is now a problem that has everyone worried, not just the people affected by it.

Q. 21 What does the author have to say about the ‘forms of bullying’ in paragraph 2?

(A) It is difficult to identify different forms of bullying in children

(B) Bullying can take a myriad of forms.

(C) Some forms of bullying have a less damaging impact on the victim than the others.

(D) Adult forms of bullying are more damaging than the ones common in children.

Q 22. How many different forms of bullying has the author mentioned in paragraph 2?

(A) Six

(B) Seven

(C) Eight

(D) Nine

Q 23. Why is bullying ′ now a problem that has everyone worried, not just the people affected by it?

(A) There has recently been an increase in the number of bullying cases.

(B) It can happen to just about anyone when they՚re feeling weak or unprotected.

(C) Its negative impact leaves no area of the victim՚s life untouched.

(D) The emerging forms of bullying are more worrying than those in the past

Q 24. ‘Refusing to acknowledge your contribution and value your existence’ is ________

(A) A physical form of bullying

(B) Difficult to perceive as a form of bullying

(C) An acute form of bullying

(D) An undisguised form of bullying

Q 25. Which of these words BEST describe the tone of this passage.

(A) Persuasive

(B) Discursive

(C) Technical

(D) Scientific

Q 26. What do you think would be a suitable title for the passage?

(A) It isn՚t big to make others small

(B) Bullying- A global concern

(C) Are you being bullied?

(D) The different forms of bullying

Read the text and answer the questions that follow

So you want to become a chef?

Simple though it may seem, but becoming a chef is not a piece of cake. Cooking is an art that requires culinary and people skills, a willingness to explore and the tenacity to stay the course and perform in highly stressful situations.

It starts with being a cook and working under a chef until you՚re ready to take charge of the whole kitchen. ‘Cooking is an amazing journey. It is like studying medicine. It takes ten to fifteen years to learn’ says celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. For this reason, patience and perseverance are the key ingredients, when both cooking a dish, and making a career in the food industry.

Most established chefs are of the opinion that knowing how a dish tastes when perfectly cooked is the one thing you need to learn in order to cook well.

This is because you are most likely to cook it ten times better if you know what you want it taste like in the end. Taking classes is not absolutely necessary as experience is the ultimate teacher. However education coupled with experience can go a long way in giving you an edge over your peers.

Other qualities that make a great chef include commitment to quality, attention to detail and above all, a thorough understanding of how different flavours complement each other. However, passion for food is the icing on the cake.

Q 27. According to the author coupling education with experience can help you ________.

(A) Learn how to cook ten times better

(B) Develop patience and perseverance

(C) Become an established chef

(D) Be better than other chefs

Q 28. Which of the following information is NOT mentioned in the text?

(A) Knowing how a dish tastes like in the end is of vital importance to good cooking

(B) It is imperative to couple education with experience to be a successful chef

(C) No other way of learning how to cook is better than learning on the job

(D) Gordon Ramsay believes that it takes over a decade to master the art of cooking

Q 29. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT the quality of an aspiring chef?

(A) Determination

(B) An aversion to trying new recipes

(C) Never cutting corners in preparing food

(D) Interpersonal skills

Q 30. Which of the following statements describe the author՚s overall opinion on making a career as a chef?

(A) It always has humble beginnings.

(B) It is an art that requires patience and perseverance.

(C) It is deceptively simple

(D) It needs both education and experience.

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