IEO (International English Olympiad) Class 10 Past Paper (Previous Year) 2013 Set a Part 4 Download All the Past Papers to Prepare for 2021 Exam

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Spoken and written expression

Q 31. Choose the Best Response

Which of the following is the politest way to interrupt someone who has been speaking for a while?

(A) Could I just say that … ?

(B) Wait a minute!

(C) Hang in there.

(D) What I՚m trying to say is …

Q 32. Choose the Best Response

In an interview, if you face a question that you aren՚t sure of the answer to, what would be the best way to respond?

(A) Can you repeat the question please?

(B) Could you change the question?

(C) Is it okay if I don՚t answer this?

(D) May I think about it for a moment?

Q 33. Choose the politest and the most appropriate way to let someone know that you haven՚t understood what they just said.

(A) I am afraid I didn՚t catch that.

(B) Sorry, what did you just say?

(C) Pardon please. I don՚t understand you

(D) By blowing air across a mouthpiece

Q 34. Choose the Best Response

How can we respond to a polite interruption (e. g. “May I interrupt for a moment?” ) in a friendly manner?

(A) Obviously

(B) Hang on

(C) Surely

(D) Certainly

Q 35. In which of the following questions is the speaker paraphrasing what they just heard?

(A) What exactly do you mean by … ?

(B) Do you mean to say that … ?

(C) Could you throw some light on … ?

(D) What do you think about … ?

Q 36. Choose the Best Response

If your younger brother is in tears because his friend said something unkind to him, how would you respond sympathetically?

(A) Come on! Pull yourself together!

(B) You must be really worried!

(C) That sounds awful! I know how it feels.

(D) there՚s no point in getting upset about it.

Q 37. Choose the Best Response

Which of the following is the incorrect way of giving advice to a friend who՚s trying to lose weight?

(A) Try doing aerobics. It really helps.

(B) I would do aerobics. If I were you.

(C) Do one thing, start doing aerobics

(D) How about doing aerobics?

Q 38. Choose the Best Response

How would you politely decline an invitation to a New Year՚s party in your neighborhood?

(A) I wish I could come but I don՚t think I՚ll be able to.

(B) I՚ve got an exam on 1st January. I have to study

(C) I՚m sorry but studying is a priority for me right now.

(D) I appreciate the invite, but I haven՚t got time for a party right now.

Q 39. In a formal letter, how do you say that you expect a reply?

(A) Write back to me soon, please.

(B) Please drop me a line soon.

(C) I look forward to hearing from you soon.

(D) Please revert back soon.

Q 40. Choose the Best Response

In a letter to the Municipal Commissioner, how will you thank them in advance for the action they will take in response to your complaint?

(A) Thank you for your attention in this matter.

(B) Thanks for doing something about it.

(C) I՚m grateful that you will do the needful.

(D) Thanks in advance for your future endeavour on the same.

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