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Q 41. Arrange the given sentences in a logical order.

i. However, the real issue today is in unlearning, which is much more challenging.

ii. But the new world of business behaves differently from the world in which we grew up.

iii. Learning is essential for the growth of both people and organizations.

iv. Each of us has a mental model that we have used over the years to make sense of the world around us.

(A) iv, iii, ii, i

(B) iv, ii, I, iii

(C) iii, I, iv, ii

(D) iii, iv, ii, i

Q 42. Arrange the given sentences in a logical order.

i. At least 267 marine species are known to have suffered due to ingestion of plastic bags resulting in death by starvation.

ii. Nevertheless, people should be made aware of the dangers of using them.

iii. It seems that banning plastic bags is useless because people always find a way around any ban.

iv. However, there are always some people who choose to turn a blind eye to the harmful effects of rampant plastic pollution.

(A) iii, ii, I, iv

(B) I, ii, iii, iv

(C) iii, iv, ii, i

(D) I, iii, ii, iv

Q 43. Choose the most appropriate phrase to replace the underlined phrases in the kind of writing specified.

I think the best place to go for a vacation in December is Kerala. (A letter to your friend)

(A) I am absolutely certain that

(B) I personally believe …

(C) I am of the opinion that … .

(D) If you ask me … .

Q 44. Choose the most appropriate phrase to replace the underlined phrases in the kind of writing specified.

I just can՚t understand how you can describe your sub-standard product as ‘world class dental care’ . (A complaint letter to a toothpaste company)

(A) can՚t deal with

(B) don՚t get

(C) Fail to comprehend

(D) can՚t wrap my head around

Q 45. I am unhappy with the service I received at your hotel recently. (An email to the manager of a Hotel)

(A) I am annoyed

(B) I am disgraced

(C) I՚m dissatisfied

(D) I՚m grossed out

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Q 46. Choose the correct answer.

Sarah: Hey! What happened? Why are you feeling sick?

Sumit: I ate too much last night. If I hadn՚t eaten the hamburger I ________fallen sick

(A) May not have

(B) shouldn՚t have

(C) wouldn՚t have

(D) couldn՚t have

Q 47. Choose the correct prefix to form the opposite of ‘reproachable’

(A) In

(B) Un

(C) Non

(D) Ir

Q 48. Which of the following is the politest way of disagreeing with someone?

(A) I think you՚re wrong, I don՚t agree with you on this.

(B) I՚m sorry but I am completely disagreeing

(C) I see things rather differently myself.

(D) I can՚t agree because that՚s just not right.

Q 49. In an email to a class mate, how will you ask for a soft copy of the homework given in class on a particular day?

(A) Please send me a soft copy of today՚s homework.

(B) I would be grateful if you could send me a soft copy of the homework.

(C) Send me the homework, will you?

(D) I will be very thankful if you were to send me a soft copy of today՚s work

Q 50. Arrange the given sentences in a logical order.

i. what՚s more, English is the medium of higher education, even in non- English speaking countries.

ii. Knowing the language, therefore, immediately opens up career opportunities in these fields regardless of your ethnicity and background.

iii. For this reason it՚s imperative for you to be a competent user of the language.

iv. One of the strongest arguments in favour of learning English is that English is considered to be the international language for business, science and technology.

(A) ii, I, iii, iv

(B) iv, ii, I, iii

(C) I, ii, iii, iv

(D) iii, iv, I, ii

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