IEO (International English Olympiad) Class 10 Past Paper (Previous Year) 2017 Set a Part 5 Download All the Past Papers to Prepare for 2021 Exam

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Spoken and Written Expression

Q 41. Choose the most suitable option for each conversation.

Karan: what time will you finish today?

Surbhi: ________

A. I՚m not sure yet

B. There is a lot of work

C. I՚m very busy

D. I will start later

Q 42. Choose the most suitable option for each conversation.

Gina: I often go jogging on Saturdays.

Akash: ________

Gina: Swimming, but it՚s too cold for that now.

A. Do you like any other sports too?

B. Do you practise with friends?

C. Do you go often?

D. I thought you liked swimming.

Q 43. Choose the most suitable option for each conversation.

Jay: With my sister՚s nagging, I finally ________ fixing my bike

Sumit: well, that՚s great

A. managed to

B. got down to

C. getting to

D. listened to

Q 44. Choose the correct option

Tanu: Rina, my boss knows that I applied for another job. Someone must have let the cat out of the bag

Tanu means that ________

A. Someone must have told her boss about the application

B. Someone must have asked Rina to apply for another job

C. Tanu՚s boss must have seen Tanu՚s application letter

D. Tanu՚s boss must have enquired about Tanu

Q 45. Choose the correct option

Sheena: I՚ve had enough of this drudgery!

Sheena means that ________.

A. She is fed up of the boring and difficult work

B. She has enough routine work

C. She has eaten enough bland food

D. She is keeping enough grudges

Achievers section

Q 46. Choose the correct word to complete each sentence

The policy is so ________ that even politicians don՚t understand it.

A. convoluted

B. destitute

C. flippant

D. amenable

Q 47. Choose the correct word to complete each sentence

If a speech was full of pompous words, it is ________

A. abstemious

B. grandiloquent

C. stringent

D. austere

Q 48. Choose the correct word to complete each sentence

A dishonest way of getting what you want is called ________

A. regatta

B. subterfuge

C. pundit

D. insurrection

Q 49. Choose the part of the sentence that has an error.

My daughter՚s friend has read quite some difficult books by her own.

A. My daughter՚s friend

B. has read

C. quite some difficult books

D. by her own

Q 50. Choose the correct option.

Tina: What happened to the plans for the picnic this afternoon?

Jaya: ________

A. They fell through because of the rain

B. They were broken off because of the rain

C. They were written up because of the rain

D. They were put at because of the rain

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