IEO (International English Olympiad) Class 4 Past Paper (Previous Year) Paper 2014 Part 3 Download All the Papers for 2021 Exam

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Spoken and written expression

Q 21. Choose the best reply to complete each conversation

Mandy: Hey Perry did you see the match last night?

Perry: No, while I ________ the match, the power went off, so I couldn՚t watch the whole match.

(A) Watched

(B) Watch

(C) Was watching

Q 22. Choose the best reply to complete each conversation

Mark: Hey! I finished the puzzle.

Lucy: Thank god! You have been doing that ________ hour.

(A) Since

(B) For

(C) Till

Q 23. Choose the best reply to complete each conversation

Mother: why did you get such a low grade in mathematics? I thought you knew all the formulas.

Son: Yes, but ________.

(A) I did some silly mistake

(B) I had some silly mistakes

(C) I made some silly mistakes

Q 24. Choose the best reply to complete each conversation

Vikas: Oh no! This cake, I baked is very hard and tasteless.

Pallavi: don՚t worry, often ________as you expect.

(A) Things don՚t make out

(B) Things don՚t work out

(C) Things don՚t cook out

Dear Mandisa,

Thank you for your letter, ________ AA ________came yesterday. it՚s always good to hear from you. I was ________ BB ________ of writing to you. I wanted to tell you something exciting. I՚ve recently started learning to ________ CC ________ a piano and I love it. ________ DD ________ my piano teacher told my parents that I was good at it; my parents bought me a five octave keyboard. it՚s almost like a piano. I play the keyboard a lot. I՚m not very good but I enjoy it a lot.

I ________ EE________ go to my friend՚s house and we pay together. She too has a similar keyboard.

My father has brought me a book, which has ________ FF ________ songs. I love playing the keyboard and I play every evening. I can play ‘twinkle, twinkle little star’ very well now.

What about you? Do you play any instrument?

Write soon,



Q 25. AA

(A) Who

(B) Which

(C) Whose

Q 26. BB

(A) Thinking

(B) Planning

(C) Preparing

Q 27. CC

(A) Perform

(B) Play

(C) Work

Q 28. DD

(A) After

(B) Before

(C) Later

Q 29. EE

(A) Often

(B) Seldom

(C) Regular

Q 30. FF

(A) Plenty

(B) A lot of

(C) Lots

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