IEO Class 5 Paper 2014 Higher Questions and Answers Part 1

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Word and Structure Knowledge

For Questions 1 To 16, Choose the Correct Word/Phrase to Complete Each Sentence.

1. I thought I՚d done well in my exams, but I was ________ disappointed with my results.

A. vitally

B. generally

C. bitterly

D. mainly

2. Does the optician near your house have a good ________ of spectacle frames or just a few?

A. offers

B. collection

C. grouping

D. category

3. This term, the school curriculum will mainly ________ on education, and not so much on sports.

A. emphasize

B. promote

C. pressure

D. importance

4. The principal had to________the lesson to inform us to leave the school building quickly.

A. interconnect

B. interrupt

C. intercept

D. intersect

5. I don՚t know many words in French; therefore, I need to________my vocabulary.

A. accelerate

B. step up

C. enlarge

D. enhance

6. Does this drink ________ apple juice? If it does, I don՚t want it because I don՚t like apple juice.

A. contaminate

B. consist

C. contain

D. contribute

7. If I disagree with my best friend, he gets a bit ________ and starts fighting with me.

A. aggressive

B. ambitious

C. arrogant

D. aloof

8. I՚ll turn the tap off when the tank is full. Tell me when the tank ________.

A. is overflow

B. will overflow

C. overflowed

D. overflows

9. Luckily, the firefighters ________ out the fire very quickly or else the whole house would have burnt down.

A. switched

B. put

C. turned

D. blow

10. Teacher: Are we all here? ________ everybody arrived? Shall we start?

A. Is

B. Have

C. Has

D. Are

11. Thank God! I found the homework file. I ________ been looking for it since last night.

A. Had

B. Have

C. Has

D. Was

12. Shop advertisement: We have the lowest price in town. We promise to ________ any price offered by our competitors.

A. beat

B. bet

C. betting

D. bite

13. To reach school on time I set ________ from home at 6 am every morning.

A. up

B. off

C. in

D. on

14. I went shopping and bought apples and some oranges.

A. a little

B. much

C. a few

D. no

15. Isabel is brighter than the rest of the class. Some people say she՚s the ________ intelligent girl in the whole school.

A. more

B. most

C. mainly

D. much

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