IEO Class 5 Paper 2014 Higher Questions and Answers Part 3

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26. Apart from having good sense of smell, rhinos also have sharp________.

A. Hair

B. Nails

C. Body plates

D. Hearing


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27. The sign says that ________.

A. you need to keep your ticket ready for checking

B. all metro journeys cost exactly the same

C. you need to have the exact amount of money to buy the ticket

D. you have to be ready for your journey

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28. The sign says that________.

A. you can only use internet for $ 20

B. a charge of $ 20 is added each hour

C. you can only use internet for an hour

D. each customer will have to pay at least $ 20

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29. The sign says that ________.

A. watch your children to play the piano

B. parents and children can learn together

C. we՚ll look after your children while you learn the piano

D. group piano lessons for children only

Spoken and Written Expression

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For Questions 30 To 36, Choose the Best Reply to Complete Each Conversation.

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30. Anil: Hey, you know Sachin Tendulkar is coming to our school to meet our team. Omar: Really! You mean________ Sachin Tendulkar? I՚ll get his autograph.

A. A

B. One

C. What

D. The

31. Tony: I՚ve couriered the parcel with the balloons.

Hamid: ________it arrives on time? I hope it does before the birthday party.

A. Shall

B. won՚t

C. How

D. Will

32. Salman: What would you like to be, my friend.

Imran: If I ________ choose anything, I think I՚d want to be an actress.

A. could

B. can

C. would

D. should

33. Hari: Hey Vassan, where were you born?

Vassan: I was born in Delhi.

Hari: that՚s funny, ________was I.

A. neither

B. too

C. so

D. either

34. Nephew: Hurry up uncle, we՚ll miss the train.

Uncle: Yes, I know, we՚ll miss the train ________ we leave at once. let՚s go.

A. until

B. unless

C. if

D. in case

35. Parent: How is my daughter doing in class?

Teacher: Your daughter՚s reading is the best in the class. Her writing, ________ needs improvement.

A. but

B. besides

C. moreover

D. however

36. Alison: Where is Amy? Do you happen to know whether she went out alone?

Sarah: I՚m ________.

A. scared I didn՚t see her go out

B. sure, I՚ve never seen with people

C. afraid I didn՚t see her go out

D. going to see

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