IEO Class 5 Paper 2015 Set a Higher Questions and Answers Part 1

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For Questions 1 To 22, Choose the Correct Word/Phrase to Complete Each Sentence.

1. The streets were filled with water ________ the rain.

A. because

B. due to

C. as

D. caused

2. I didn՚t find your joke funny at all. It was not _.

A. amusing

B. charming

C. appealing

D. interesting

3. My________ brother ate all the chocolates without giving any to me.

A. honest

B. creative

C. good

D. greedy

4. You are not allowed to go out to play ________ you՚ve finished your homework.

A. as

B. while

C. until

D. whether

5. The cake is ready. don՚t leave it ________ longer in the oven or it՚ll get burnt.

A. very

B. any

C. more

D. no

6. Hey, it՚s sunny and windy. I ________ we fly kites.

A. have suggested

B. suggested

C. suggest

D. suggesting

7. Isabel is away at the moment. She՚s ________ holiday.

A. in

B. at

C. for

D. on

8. Our team captain is the best. She is very good ________ making decisions.

A. in

B. by

C. at

D. about

9. I was at home yesterday afternoon, I ________ TV.

A. do watch

B. was watching

C. used to watch

D. were watching

10. Anil՚s party last weekend was very boring. He ________ have any games in the party.

A. don՚t

B. did

C. haven՚t

D. didn՚t

11. we՚re late. The match will already ________ by the time we get home to watch it on TV.

A. had finished

B. would finish

C. finish

D. have finished

12. These days I go to sleep ________ than usual because I study till late.

A. more later

B. latest

C. later

D. late

13. We need to train our puppy. She is ________ all the curtains in the house.

A. bite

B. biting

C. bit

D. bitten

14. My aunty makes the ________ flavorsome ice cream in the world. I hate it when I have to eat it.

A. most

B. tiniest

C. least

D. best

15. You ________ given me, my pocket money of this month yet. Can you give it to me now?

A. haven՚t

B. have

C. had

D. hadn՚t

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