IEO Class 5 Paper 2015 Set a Higher Questions and Answers Part 4

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35. Dan: “Could you help me clean my cycle next Sunday please?”

Feroz: “________ .”

A. My cycle too got very dirty last Sunday

B. Weekends are the best days to clean things

C. Yes, definitely I can cycle on Sundays

D. Oh, sorry, I՚m going out next weekend

36. Archana: “Are you tired?”

Kapil: “________ .”

A. Yes, in the morning I eat a lot

B. Yes, I always am after school

C. Yes, I am always ready to sleep

D. Yes, we need to drink juice

37. Isabel: “Hey Oli, you said you wanted to know something. what՚s it my little brother?”

Oliver: “________”

A. Could you give me some information about this book?

B. I would like to know a little more about this book.

C. Can you tell me what՚s this book about?

D. I am interested in receiving some details of this book.

38. Mohan: “My God! Your uncle can do everything.”

Dev: “________”

A. My uncle is a jack of all trades.

B. I should learn everything.

C. He is very proud to be my uncle.

D. can՚t you do everything?

39. Vikas: “Why are you disturbing me? Ask your brother to help you.”

Rijul: “________”

A. Can you help me?

B. I don՚t want to trouble him.

C. Why can՚t you ask?

D. He disturbs me all the time.

43. Kavita: “How did your neighbor react when you broke his window glass with your ball?”

Stella: “________ .”

A. We hit the ball really hard

B. I immediately hit the road

C. He hit the sack for good

D. Oh, don՚t ask, he hit the roof

For Questions 44 And 45, Choose the Most Appropriate Option.

44. How would you start the letter to your school principal asking for new sports equipment?

A. Can we have new sports goods as the old one is too old …

B. We would be grateful if we could have new sports equipment …

C. we՚d like to have new sports equipment for the school …

D. Wonder why new sports goods haven՚t been bought yet …

45. I՚m sorry I have to give you an injection.

________ Does it hurt?

A. Wow!

B. Hey!

C. Hi!

D. Oh dear!

Achiever՚s Section

For Questions 46 And 47, Choose the Correct Word/Phrase to Complete Each Sentence.

46. I can see some chocolate on your face. ________ been eating chocolate?

A. haven՚t you

B. Has you

C. Have you

D. Had he

47. This morning I saw ________ peacocks sitting on the terrace opposite our house.

A. two beautiful big

B. beautiful two big

C. two big beautiful

D. big beautiful two

For Questions 48 And 49, Read the Sign/Notice and Choose the Correct Explanation for It.

Illustration 2 for IEO Class 5 Paper 2015 Set a Hi …

48. The notice says that .

A. take a token and go to room number 12

B. for enquiries you have to get a token first

C. tokens are available in room 12 only

D. people who have questions go to room 12

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49. The sign says that _ _.

A. the library will remain closed till sometime

B. the library is closed until someone comes and opens it

C. the library will open at its usual time of opening

D. the library opens and closes at the same time everyday


Ajmal: “We went all the way to town to watch the film, but I didn՚t like it at all.”

Sheila: “”

A. Are there many shops in town selling toys?

B. We had to go to town to buy the CD player.

C. Town is always so crowded. I don՚t like it either.

D. We also went to the cinema, but it wasn՚t worth it.

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