IEO English Class 5 Questions and Answers & Solutions Set a 2013 Part 3

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Spoken and Written Expression

For questions 27 to 36,

Choose the best word to complete the text.

Wet Walk

The wettest walk in the (example) (A) is probably the one Dhamu and Somnath did a few years (AA) when they walked to Cherrapunji from Calcutta during the monsoons. To prepare for the trip they (BB) a day standing in a lake. But they were more comfortable there than at Cherrapunji ________ (CC) ________ they weren՚t tired or hungry there. They began their 1.126 km walk (DD) 8th December 2005 and ________ (EE) in Cherrapunji 47 days later.

A plane took them straight home from there. Dhamu had his 27th (FF) during the trip and he was amazed when Somnath gave him a small (GG) cake with a candle inside. Somnath said________ (HH) ________ moment for him was when Dhamu՚s face lit up when he (II) ________that cake. The strange things are that more men (JJ) walked on the moon than to Cherrapunji.

27. AA

A. Then

B. Ago

C. Since

D. After

28. BB

A. Passed

B. Stayed

C. Spent

D. Had

29. CC

A. Because

B. But

C. Therefore

D. So

30. DD

A. In

B. At

C. On

D. For

31. EE

A. Got

B. Reached

C. Went

D. Arrived

32. FF

A. Celebration

B. Anniversary

C. Wedding

D. Birthday

33. GG

A. Celebration

B. Celebrative

C. Celebratory

D. Celebrating

34. HH

A. Greater

B. Good

C. Best

D. Better

35. II

A. Saw

B. Looked

C. Watched

D. Realised

36. JJ

A. Did

B. Have

C. Was

D. Has

Read the conversation and choose the correct word to fill each blank.

Arvind: So how often do you (example) (C) your email?

Mani: At least once a day and sometimes more. If I՚ve (AA) any messages I usually answer them straightaway and I always (BB) my friends messages on their birthdays.

Arvind: I use my computer mostly for word (CC) .

Mani: don՚t you ever ________ (DD) the net?

Arvind: Sure, in fact I ________ (EE) a fantastic website just the other day. It was the official site of the film A. I. You can actually chat to a robot on the site!

Mani: And do you ever buy things (FF) ?

Arvind: Well, I bought some CDs and a new ringtone for my mobile phone this morning.

Mani: You really like your mobile, don՚t you? what՚s the worst experience you՚ve ever had with a computer?

Arvind: Once, when I had to hand in a really important essay the next day, my computer (GG) and I (HH) the whole document.

Mani: hadn՚t you (II) a backup copy?

Arvind: No. Anyway, i t turns out the computer had a virus so the copy probably would have been infected too.

37. AA

A. Received

B. Arrived

C. Retrieved

D. Accessed

38. BB

A. Give

B. Send

C. Emit

D. Put

39. CC

A. Producing

B. Processing

C. Writing

D. Working

40. DD

A. Navigate

B. Sail

C. Travel

D. Surf

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