IEO Major Test Class 7 Model Paper Questions and Answers Part 2

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Writing (20 Marks)

3. You are Raghu. A friend of your mother, Mrs. Khanna, rang up at 11 ′ O clock while your mother was away. Mrs. Khanna told you to tell your mother that the ladies club meeting to be held at her house at 6 P. M. that day has been cancelled. Mrs. Khanna ′ s daughter is ill, and she is leaving for Delhi. Write a message for your mother, as you are leaving for tuition class. (6 marks)

Answer: Answer may vary.

4. You were not a brilliant student, but your brother helped you with your lessons. You did very well in your exams after your brother՚s guidance and passed with good marks. Write a letter to your brother thanking him for his help and guidance. (7 marks)

Answer: Answer may vary.

5. You witnessed a horrible road accident in which a full school bus collided with a speeding truck. Many children were seriously injured. You were horrified, but still impressed by the prompt arrival of the principal and teacher of the school and medical aid given to the injured children. Make a diary entry recording your reactions and reflections about the accident.

Answer: Answer may vary.


Grammar (40 Marks)

6. Change the following sentences from active to passive voice. (5 marks)

(a) He is lightning the lamp.

Answer: The lamp is being lighted by him

(b) Does she not like pizza?

Answer: Is Pizza not liked by her?

(c) The sculptor will make a statue.

Answer: A statue will be made by the sculptor.

(d) The teachers informed the students about their extra class.

Answer: The students were informed about their extra class by the teachers.

(e) The boys have eaten the apple pie.

Answer: The apple pie has been eaten by the boys.

7. Choose the correct passive form of the verbs to complete the following sentences. (3 marks)

(a) His father ________ in the car crash last night. (is injured/was injured)

Answer: Was injured

(b) I ________ in 1970. (am born/was born)

Answer: Was born

(c) Butter ________ from milk. (is made/have been made)

Answer: Is made

8. Choose the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject. (3 marks)

(a) Nobody ________ calm before a performance. (feel/feels/feeling)

Answer: feels

(b) There ________ no chance to win. (is/are/have)

Answer: is

(c) My dog always ________ at the postal carrier. (growl/growls/have growled)

Answer: growls

9. Choose the sentence that indicates the verb in agreement to its subject. (3 marks)

(a) (1) Diabetes affect many people around the world.

(2) Diabetes affects many people around the world.

Answer: (2) Diabetes affects many people around the world.

(b) (1) The research I found on these topics were limited.

(2) The research I found on these topics was limited.

Answer: (2) The research I found on these topics was limited.

(c) (1) The earnings for this quarter have exceeded our expectations.

(2) The earnings for this quarter has exceeded our expectations.

Answer: (1) The earnings for this quarter have exceeded our expectations.

10. Change the following sentences in indirect speech. (4 marks)

(a) He said to me, “you՚ve helped my brother.”

Answer: He told me that I had helped his brother.

(b) Meera said, “I will go to Goa tomorrow.”

Answer: Meera said that she would go to Goa the next day.

(c) Kanti said to me, “Have you done your work?”

Answer: Kanti asked me if I had done her work.

(d) He said, “All that glitters is not gold.”

Answer: He said that all that glitters is not gold.

11. Complete the sentences given below in reported speech. (4 marks)

(a) He said, “I am preparing to visit Australia.”

He said that ________ to visit Australia.

Answer: (a) He was preparing

(b) They said, “We are quite happy here.”

They said that ________ quite happy ________.

Answer: (b) They were, there

(c) She said, “I have to obey my father՚s commands.”

She said that ________ to obey ________ father՚s commands.

Answer: (c) She had, her

(d) The policeman asked, ‘Did you see anyone here yesterday?’

The policeman asked ________ anyone there ________.

Answer: (d) If I had seen, the previous day.

12. Choose the correct conjunctions to complete these sentences. (3 marks)

(a) Keep the food covered ________ the flies will contaminate it. (or/and/until)

Answer: or

(b) Seema ________ phoned ________ wrote after she left home. (either … or/neither … nor/while … and)

Answer: Neither … nor

(c) Julie welcomed the guests ________ Jack offered them drinks. (while/as/though)

Answer: While

13. State the kinds of the underlined adverbs in the following sentences. (3 marks)

(a) The cat rested lazily on the sofa.

Answer: Adverb of Manner

(b) Company built a huge warehouse nearby.

Answer: Adverb of Place

(c) May I go now?

Answer: Adverb of Time

14. State whether the following group of words are phrases or clauses. (3 marks)

(a) Since she laughs at others

Answer: Clause

(b) Because of her glittering eyes

Answer: Phrase

(c) After the devastation

Answer: Phrase