IEO Major Test Class 7 Model Paper Questions and Answers Part 3

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15. Choose the meaning of the following Idioms and Phrases. ( marks)

(a) At sixes and sevens

(1) In a state of total confusion

(2) An easy life

(3) At the last moments

Answer: (1) In a state of total confusion

(b) Gone off track

(1) Forgot about the past

(2) Forgot about present

(3) Forgot about your future

Answer: (3) Forgot about yours future

(c) Fall apart

(1) Discount

(2) Break

(3) Repeat

Answer: (c) (2) Break

16. Choose the best word from the given options to complete the sentence meaningfully. ( marks)

(a) Kusha is loved by his friend for his ________.

(1) Honesty

(2) Honest

(3) More honest

Answer: (a) (2) honest

(b) Your offer is ________ to me.

(1) Accept

(2) except able

(3) Acceptable

Answer: (3) acceptable

(c) Can you ________ your nationality?

(1) See

(2) Prove

(3) Write

Answer: (2) prove

17. The following sentence may contain an error. Find that part of the sentence which contains error. If there are no errors, choose option (4) as your answer. (3 marks)

(a) The four brother

(1) / always quarreled

(2) / between themselves.

(3) / No error

(4) .

Answer: (3)

(b) Dad sometimes

(1) / takes me

(2) / at the station.

(3) / No error

(4) .

Answer: (3)

(c) A number

(1) / of students is going

(2) / on the trip.

(3) / No error

(4) .

Answer: (3)

18. Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct option from the brackets. (3 marks)

(a) There is a park ________ the school. (beside/among/besides)

Answer: beside

(b) I do not want to sit ________ you. (by/with/between)

Answer: with

(c) We go to play ________ 5 O′clock. (after/on/in)

Answer: after

(d) He has been in bed ________ Tuesday. (since/for/at)

Answer: since

(e) The deer hid ________ the bush. (before/behind/on)

Answer: behind

(f) I met Dheeraj ________ the party. (at/on/of)

Answer: at

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