IEO (International English Olympiad) Class 8 Past Paper (Previous Year) 2013 Set a Part 4 Download All the Papers for 2021 Exam

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Spoken and Written Expression

Q 31. Choose the best option

To ask for more details about a point of discussion, you say-

A. Tell me more …

B. Anything more to say

C. Could you provide some more details, please?

D. Why do you say that?

Q 32. Choose the best option

To support a point, you say-

A. I was saying … .

B. Do you understand … .

C. You will understand if … .

D. Let me illustrate

Q 33. Choose the best option

When asking for advice, you say-

A. Tell me what to do

B. What would you suggest … .

C. You must tell me what … .

D. Have you anything to say

Q 34. Choose the best option

When giving advice, you say-

A. If I were you, I would …

B. Just do it like … .

C. There are many ways to do …

D. Do what you like … .

Q 35. Choose the best option

What do you think of the new car?

A. Well, I՚ve seen many better cars

B. It could be better

C. it՚s not good enough

D. I՚m afraid I haven՚t got very high opinion of it.

Q 36. Choose the best option

We are told the speaker is in hot________ over his careless remarks about politicians.

A. bind

B. trouble

C. water

D. time

Choose the best option to fill in the blanks

Experts are of the view that, ________AA________ addressing mismanagement ________BB________ and the ________CC________ deployment of resources, a lot more needs to be done for ________DD________ motherhood in the country. Literacy seems to be the primary ________EE________ . Educated mothers are better ________FF________ not ________GG________ for pre- and post- natal care but also for _HH________ healthier children, less ________II________ to disease, with higher intelligence, and a more positive attitude to life.

Q 37. AA

A. apart

B. besides

C. instead

D. when

Q 38. BB

A. targets

B. issues

C. tasks

D. factors

Q 39. CC

A. improper

B. impossible

C. immaculate

D. imaginary

Q 40. DD

A. heartfelt

B. hardy

C. healthier

D. household

Q 41. EE

A. target

B. issue

C. concern

D. contention

Q 42. FF

A. enjoined

B. put

C. equipped

D. primed

Q 43. GG

A. even

B. enough

C. only

D. least

Q 44. HH

A. rearing

B. upbringing

C. raising

D. bringing

Q 45. II

A. primed

B. possible

C. placed

D. prone

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