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Read the story and answer the questions that follow.

I am a leftie. Out of every ten people walking down the street on is a leftie. This simply means there are many people like me in the world. Yet the world wants to ignore us! Everywhere we go, we come across tools, doors, flushes, baseball gloves, etc. designed (deviously, I would say) for the right handed People.

Fortunately, we left-handed people learn early on that we need to survive in a world meant for the right-handed. Why don՚t you try this simple task? Get hold of a pair of scissors and hold them in your left hand. Now try to cut a piece of paper with it. Tell me how you feel. doesn՚t it feel awkward? I am glad you tried because that՚s exactly how I feel when I use your pair of scissors with my right hand.

Of late, I am relieved to notice that online stores have begun to peddle paraphernalia for us. At least they see us as worthy customers! Left handed camcorders, left-handed tools, left handed stationery … the range is quite satisfying. I remember my grandfather saying that being left handed was extremely difficult when he was my age. He had no choice but to use things meant for right-handed people. He also says that the world was outright cruel to people of our kind. As a child when my grandfather tried to write or eat with his left-hand, he was rapped on the knuckles. His parents, his teachers, his siblings, almost everyone who ‘cared’ for him, treated him with the utmost unkindness.

Fortunately, nowadays parents and teachers are more accepting and understanding. The little kid who sits next to me on the school bus says that no one asks him to write with his right hand. I am glad to learn that the world is becoming slightly better place for us.

I am keen to know why I am left-handed. My curiosity stems from my suffering. You may have noticed that people with some disease always try to find out what caused that condition. Well, I don՚t have a disease but no one fails to make me feel miserable about my condition. Well I don՚t have a disease but no one fails to make me feel miserable about my condition! So, my research into medical sciences says that people can be either handed for no particular reason. Just as you have black hair or brown hair: love Sudoku or hate it; like strawberry ice cream or detest it, I can be left-handed or right-handed. It just happens.

One piece of information that makes me happy is: most intelligent and creative people are left-handed. Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Ludwig van Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Charlie Chaplin … . see, the list is really long. So, though life isn՚t really easy for me, I know I am in good company.

Q 23. The writer believes that the right-handed people are ________

A. unaware of the problems faced by the left-handed people

B. less intelligent than left-handed people

C. unaware of some people being left-handed

D. purposefully taking a revenge

Q 24. The writer wants the right-handed people to try to cut a piece of paper because he wants ________

A. them to learn to cut a piece of paper with left hand

B. them to manufacture tools for the left-handed people

C. the right-handed people to feel comfortable

D. them to empathize with the left-handed people

Q 25. Choose the option that means similar meaning to ‘survive’ as used in the second paragraph

A. To pull it off

B. To live

C. To persist

D. To win

Q 26. Choose the option that means similar to ‘to sell’ as used in the third paragraph

A. Online stores

B. peddle

C. paraphernalia

D. Range

Q 27. Which of the following statements is true.

A. The grandfather had a very understanding family in childhood

B. The writer believes that being left-handed is a disease

C. Most intelligent people are intelligent because they are left-handed

D. The writer՚s grandfather was left-handed as well

Q 28. Which of the following statements is false?

A. Online stores sell more things for the left-handed than regular markets

B. The grandfather approved of the way he was treated in his childhood

C. People՚s attitude towards the left-handed is improving with time

D. People can be either left or right-handed for no particular reason.

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