IEO (International English Olympiad) Class 9 Past Paper (Previous Year) Paper 2013 Set a Part 3 Download All the Papers for 2021 Exam

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Read the text and choose the right option to fill the blanks.

On top of the world

In May 1998, just two years after breaking his back in a parachuting accident whilst (example) ________ (D) ________ in the army, Bear Grylls became the youngest Briton to ________ (AA) ________ the summit of Mount Everest and return________ (BB) ________ He was just 23 years old. As his back recovered and he regained his ________ (CC) ________ Bear decided to leave the army in order to pursue his lifelong ambition to conquer the highest ________ (DD) ________ in the world. A friend of his was organizing an expedition to Everest and bear was asked to _ (EE) ________ . After a year spent preparing for the climb and _ (FF) ________ sponsorship money, he and his companions moved out to the Himalayas to ________ (GG) ________ up the challenge. In ________ (HH) ________, Bear spent over 10 weeks on the mountain՚s south-East face. This ________ (II) ________ took a whole week at camp two simply waiting for the right conditions to make his attempt on the summit. When he finally made it to the top, he sat for 20 minutes, just gazing in wonder at the _ (JJ) ________ before him.

The hardest part was still to come though. Every year the number of climbers killed on Everest increases, with most deaths occurring on the descent.

It is ________ (KK) ________ surprising then, that Bear should feel a ________ (LL) ________ sense of relief when he eventually got back to base camp.

Q 18. AA

A. achieve

B. reach

C. get

D. attain

Q 19. BB

A. live

B. lively

C. in life

D. alive

Q 20. CC

A. power

B. force

C. vigour

D. strength

Q 21. DD

A. crest

B. crown

C. peak

D. tip

Q 22. EE

A. join

B. unite

C. attach

D. link

Q 23. FF

A. rising

B. raising

C. arising

D. arousing

Q 24. GG

A. take

B. rise

C. face

D. put

Q 25. HH

A. summary

B. short

C. total

D. conclusion

Q 26. II

A. Contained

B. included

C. comprised

D. consisted

Q 27. JJ

A. scene

B. outlook

C. vision

D. view

Q 28. KK

A. strongly

B. equally

C. rarely

D. hardly

Q 29. LL

A. great

B. large

C. wide

D. full

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