IEO (International English Olympiad) Class 9 Past Paper (Previous Year) Paper 2014 Set B Part 6 Download All the Papers for 2021 Exam

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Read the letter and choose the appropriate option to fill in the blanks.

Dear Mr. Behra,

The present work, which is being carried out is not ________AA________ in the tender to the contractor. Why don՚t you call a meeting of the members of the society to ________BB________ them about this________CC________ work? I wish to state that the problem, which you are trying to ________DD________ is a ________EE________ problem. You cannot ________FF________some flat owners and expect others to share the cost. You must be concerned about the well-being of the society and not just cater to the demands of a ________GG________ few.

Yours sincerely,

Pushpa Kamble

Q 39.


A. included

B. within

C. found

D. being

Q 40. BB

A. tell

B. know

C. show

D. inform

Q 41. CC

A. more

B. extra

C. increasing

D. newer

Q 42. DD

A. finish

B. end

C. solve

D. unlock

Q 43. EE

A. Same

B. similar

C. identical

D. common

Q 44. FF

A. like

B. favour

C. support

D. recognize

Q 45. GG

A. selected

B. selective

C. selecting

D. select

Achiever՚s section

Read the text and choose the right option to fill in the blanks

Athletes may now rely on a more organic drink to ________AA________ their performance-Beetroot juice. In ________BB________ improving athletic performance, research has also found that beetroot can improve the quality of life for heart patience. The ________CC________ of beetroot come from the nitrate found within it, which increase the blood flow to the muscles, during exercise.

Q 46. AA

A. increase

B. raise

C. enhance

D. lift

Q 47. BB

A. above all

B. top of

C. more than

D. addition to

Q 48. CC

A. benefits

B. goodness

C. comforts

D. enjoyments

Q 49. Choose the best word to complete the sentence

This was his last sari, his parting gift to some lucky bride. ′ This ′ refers to the ________

A. sari

B. gift

C. bride

D. man

Q 50. Choose the odd word out.

A. Expedition

B. Procrastination

C. Postponement

D. Temporization

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