IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) Class 4 Level 1 Past Paper (Previous Year) 2018 Part 6 Download All the Papers for 2021 Exam

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Achivers Section

Question 31:

Fill in the blanks.

Difference between LCM of both the numbers on house-1 and HCF of both the numbers on House-2 is ________P________.

Total number of prime factors of the greatest number among the numbers on the houses-1 is ________Q________.

Number of common factors of numbers on House-2 is________R________.

House Number

Question 32:

Total weight of 3 bags of rice is . Weight of bag A is . If weight of Bag B is more than the weight of bag C, then find the difference between the weight of bag A and bag B.





Question 33:

Subjects and Students
SubjectsNumber of students

The given table shows the number of students who preferred different subjects to study in their free time. Study the given table carefully and answer the following questions.

(i) What fraction of the students preferred English only?

(ii) Which subjects is preferred by one-fourth of the students?

(iii) What fraction of the students preferred both Science and Mathematics?

Question 34:


Find the value of

(a) 24

(b) 28

(c) 20

(d) 30

Question 35:

Bar Graph Diff. Coloured Marbles

Rakesh made the bar graph for different colored marbles. By mistake he interchanged the bars for green colour and red colour. Consider the given bar graph and answer the following questions.

(I) what is the actual difference between the number of red Coloured and yellow Coloured marbles?

(ii) What is the sum of brown, green and blue Coloured marbles he actually has?

(i) (ii)





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