IMO Level 1 Class 5 Set B 2019 Higher Questions and Answers Part 6

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46. A basket with 60 apples weighs 21 kg 800 g. the same basket with 8 apples weighs 3 kg 600 g. if each apple in the basket has the same weight, then

(a) What is the weight of the empty basket?

(b) What is the weight of the basket with 18 apples?

Weight of the Basket with 18 Apples
A800 g7100 g
B400 g1150 g
C300 g2250 g
D800 g6300 g

47. read the given statements carefully and state ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for False.

(i) While writing a number in Indian system of numeration commas are inserted after each digit.

(ii) There is no roman numeral to represent 0.

(iii) Greatest 6-digit odd number that can be formed using the digits 8, 3,0, 2,4 and 5 (using each digit only once) is 854023.

Carefully and State ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False

48. Find the value of .

Division Problem

A. 5

B. 10

C. 1

D. 2

49. The given line graph shows the sale of certain stationery items by a book shop. Study it carefully and answer the following questions.

The Sale of Stationery Items by Book Shop

How many fewer erasers were sold than pens?

If a pencil costs ₹ 5, then how much money was collected from their sale?

Find the fraction of number of books sold to the number of pencils sold.

The Number of Pencils Sold
A6₹ 150
B5₹ 225
C8₹ 110
D5₹ 100

50. Read the given statements carefully and select the correct option.

Statement-I: If the dimensions of a rectangle having length 16 m and breadth 13 m are doubled, then its new perimeter is 106 m.

Statement-II: The sum of all sides of a square field is 144 m than the sum of opposite two sides of the field is 72 m.

A. Both Statement-I and Statement-II are true.

B. Both Statement-I and Statement-II are false.

C. Statement-I is true, but Statement-II is false.

D. Statement-I is false, but Statement-II is true.

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