IMO Level 2 Class 5 Paper 2015 − 2016 Past Paper Questions (Previous Year Papers) Part 3

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19. The given graph shows the daily number of presentees for five days in class V. What is the difference between the highest number of presentees and the lowest number of presentees in the class?

The Daily Number of Presentees for 5 Days

(A) 16

(B) 24

(C) 28

(D) 32

20.22 children were at a birthday party. Each girl drank 2 glasses of fruit punch and each boy drank 3 glasses of fruit punch. If the boys drank 31 more glasses of fruit punch than girls, than how many girls attend the party?

(A) 7

(B) 8

(C) 16

(D) 15

21. The given figure is made up of five identical squares and Find the perimeter and area of the figure.

Five Identical Squares

(A) 95 cm, 300 cm2

(B) 90 cm, 240 cm2

(C) 110 cm, 300 cm2

(D) 96 cm, 180 cm2

22. Find the sum of are of the shaded part and area of whole figure.

The Shaded and Unshaded Part

(A) 190 cm2

(B) 230 cm2

(C) 140 cm2

(D) 150 cm2

23. The given table shows the fare of travelling from two trains P and Q. Study it carefully and answer the following question.

The Fare of Travelling

(1st km)

Every additional (1/2) km or part thereof
Train P₹ 7.5050 Paisa
Train Q₹ 9.9060 Paisa

How much total money Mohit has to pay if he travels 2.5 km from Train P and 1.5 km from Train Q?

(A) ₹ 19.90

(B) ₹ 19.00

(C) ₹ 16.90

(D) ₹ 19.50

24. The given table shows the time taken by five friends to complete their lunch. Which friend had finished the lunch before Meetu?

The Time Taken
NameTime taken
Meetu2440 secs
Beena125 mins 40 secs
Komal123 mins 24 secs
Ankit24 mins 25 secs
Aarav44 mins 20 secs

(A) Aarav

(B) Komal

(C) Ankit

(D) Beena

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