IMO Level 2 Class 5 Year 2017 − 18 Higher Questions and Answers Part 1

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1. There are 50 passengers in a bus. 6 of them are children while the rest are adults. If of the adults are women, than what fraction of the total passengers in the bus are men?





2. What is the difference between the place value of 4 in the millions place and the place value of 4 in the thousands place?

(A) 396000

(B) 399600

(C) 3996000

(D) 999000

3. The given figure (not drawn to scale) is divided into four parts. Area of rectangle QRST is 32 sq. cm and area of square UTWVis 36 sq. cm. Find the total area of rectangles PQTU and TSXW.

Rectangles and Squares

(A) 76 sq. cm

(B) 72 sq. cm

(C) 64 sq. cm

(D) 82 sq. cm

4. Find the sum of the common prime factors of 154 and 224.

(A) 10

(B) 7

(C) 12

(D) 9

5. Round off the sum of 3645279 and 2153467 to the nearest ten thousand.

(A) 5790000

(B) 5800000

(C) 5799000

(D) 5700000

6. If area of 8 identical squares is 392 sq. cm, then find the perimeter of each square.

(A) 35 cm

(B) 21 cm

(C) 28 cm

(D) 32 cm

7. Sneha had two 2000-rupee notes. She spent of it on a dress and bought a pair of heels of ₹ 945. How much money did she have left?

(A) ₹ 2445

(B) ₹ 1955

(C) ₹ 1555

(D) ₹ 2045

8. Sahil travelled 12 km 450m by train, 8 km 225m by car and 3 km 450 m by scooter. Find the total distance travelled by Sahil.





9. Which of the following is greater than ?





10. Arrange the areas of following figure in ascending order.


Area of Each Square is 1 Cm


Area of Each Square is 2 Cm


Area of Each Square is 4 Cm

(A) P, Q, R

(B) Q, R, P

(C) P, R, Q

(D) R, Q, P

11. Raman had some money. He spent of it on education and of the remainder on food. He saved the rest.

(a) What fraction of his money was spent on food?

(b) If Raman spent ₹ 2400 on food. Then how much did he save?





12. The table below shows the cost of peanuts at stall P, stall Q and stall R.

Stall P, Stall Q and Stall
Stall PStall QStall R
Price of Peanuts₹ 150 per kg.₹ 100 for 600 g₹ 105 for 700 g

Which two stalls sell the peanuts at the same price?

(A) P and R

(B) P and Q

(C) R and Q

(D) None of these

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