IMO Class 8 Level 2 Questions and Answers & Solutions Paper 2013 − 2014 Part 5

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Q. 31 If and then find

(A) 175

(B) 165

(C) 185

(D) 200

Q. 32 If and then find the value of 3abc.





Q. 33 If then


(B) 0

(C) 1

(D) -1

Q. 34 The volume of a hemispherical ball is given by the where V is the volume and r is the radius. Find the diameter of the hemisphere whose volume is

(A) 22 m

(B) 11 m

(C) 33 m

(D) 44 m

Q. 35 Factorise:





Every day Mathematics

Q. 36 Ravi borrowed from Sahil. A part of the sum is borrowed at p. a. under simple interest for 4 years and remaining part at p. a. under simple interest for years. If the total interest earned by Sahil is ₹ 19900, then find the sum borrowed at each rate.

(A) 10000,35000

(B) 25000,20000

(C) 15000,30000

(D) 5000,40000

Q. 37 In an office, the ratio of the salary of an officer to that of a clerk is . If the salary of the clerk is less than that of the officer, then what is the salary of the officer?

(A) ₹ 15600

(B) ₹ 18625

(C) ₹ 17650

(D) ₹ 18750

Q. 38 In a winter sale offer, a shopkeeper allows a discount of . Even after giving the discount, he makes a profit of . Raghav bought a sweater which was marked at Find the cost price of this sweater for the shopkeeper.

(A) ₹ 5000

(B) ₹ 4000

(C) ₹ 4250

(D) ₹ 5250

Q. 39 The age of Sarthak is one-fifth of the age of his mother and the sum of the ages of the son and the mother is equal to the age of the father. After 15 years, the sum of the ages of the son and his mother will be four-third of his father՚s age. Find the ratio of the present ages of Sarthak, mother and father respectively.





Q. 40 Twenty-two men can complete a piece of work in 17 days. They work for 2 days. How many more men should now be employed so as to complete the work in another 10 days?

(A) 11

(B) 22

(C) 33

(D) None of these

41 In a company, the average salary of male employees is ₹ 9200 and that of female employees is ₹ 8200. If the average salary per employees is ₹ 8900, the percentage of female employees of the total employees is … .

(A) 30

(B) 40

(C) 50

(D) 25

Q. 42 A test consists of questions each carrying 3-mark, 4 mark and 6 marks in the ratio If the maximum marks in the exam is 100, then find the number of questions of each type.

(A) 20,20, 10

(B) 10,10, 5

(C) 15,15, 30

(D) 15,15, 10

Q. 43 A fountain pen with a cylindrical barrel of diameter 3 cm and height 14 cm. filled with ink, can write 3600 words. How many words can be written with that pen using 220 ml of ink? (Take )

(A) 6000

(B) 5000

(C) 7000

(D) 8000

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