IMO Class 8 Level 2 Paper 2017 – 2018 Mathematics Questions and Answers Part 4

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Q. 36 Find the coordinates of the vertices A, B, C and D respectively of the given figures.

Coordinates of the Vertices

(A) (1,1) , (2,4) , (6,3) , (5,4)

(B) (3,4) , (2,3) , (1,1) , (4,5)

(C) (2,4) , (6,3) , (2,1) , (4,5)

(D) (2,4) , (6,3) , (1,1) , (5,5)

Q. 37 If is divisible by 18, then find the least value of .

(A) 2

(B) 4

(C) 0

(D) 3

Q. 38 Two cylinders A and B are formed by folding a rectangular sheet of dimensions along its length and also its breadth respectively. Then volume of A is________ of volume of B.

(A) Times

(B) Times

(C) Times

(D) Times

Q. 39 Count the number of cubes in the given figure.

Number of Cubes

(A) 106

(B) 110

(C) 120

(D) None of these

Q. 40 walks at a uniform rate of 4 km an hour and 4 hours after his start, cycles after him at the uniform rate of 10 km an hour. How far from the starting point will catch ?

(A) 16.7 km

(B) 18.6 km

(C) 21.4 km

(D) 26.7 km

Q. 41 Find the area of shaded part of the given figure. (Take )

Shaded Part





Q. 42 The table shows the number of questions done by some children in 20 minutes. What percentage of the children had done 4 questions?

Number of Questions
Number of children64122
Number of Questions done4320


(B) 25 %

(C) 30 %


Q. 43 A cube has the shapes

Cube Has the Shapes

on its 6 faces. Here are three different views of the same cube.

Cube Has the Shapes

What shape should be on the blank face?




Heart Shape


Triagle Shape


Hexagon Shape

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