National Standard Examination in Biology (NSEB) Solved Paper 2016 Part-1

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Q: 1. Nitrogen bend ′ avoided by diving mammals like whales because

(A) Their blood has low partial pressure of Nitrogen at all time

(B) Their lungs are filled with nitrogenous air before diving

(C) Peripheral circulation is minimal while diving

(D) They have very low metabolic rate while diving

Answer: (C)

Q: 2. A frog ′ egg is centrifuged to disturb its contents. Which of the following is correct

(A) Abnormal development may occur since the animal pole and vegetal pole are reversed

(B) Abnormal development may occur since the grey crescent is shifted vertically

(C) Abnormal development may occur since the grey crescent is shifted horizontally

(D) Abnormal development may occur since the heavier proteins are shifted to the vegetal pole

Answer: (C)

Q: 3. The predator population in a habitat is an indicator of health becauses

(A) Predator keep a check on the population of tertiary consumers

(B) Predators control the consumption of primary consumers

(C) Predators selectively hunt the weaker members of consumers

(D) Predators enhances population of decomposers

Answer: (B)

Q: 4. The key events in embryo development are given below. Which is the correct order of sequences

(i) Organogenesis

(ii) Fertilization

(iii) Gastrulation

(iv) Neurulation

(v) Cleavage

(A) v ⇾ ii ⇾ iv ⇾ i ⇾ iii

(B) ii ⇾ iii ⇾ v ⇾ i ⇾ iv

(C) iii ⇾ iv ⇾ ii ⇾ i ⇾ v

(D) ii ⇾ v ⇾ iii ⇾ i ⇾ iv

Answer (D)

Q: 5. The molecules absorbed and secreted in the lumen by the cells of malpighain bodies of cockroach are respectively

(A) Sodium urate and urea

(B) Purines and ammonia

(C) Urea and uric acid

(D) Ammonia and uric acid

Answer: (C)

Q: 6. The least percentage of water is encountered in the

(A) Fluid in convoluted tubule

(B) Filtrate in Bowman՚s capsule

(C) Blood plasma in glomerulus

(D) Filtrate in renal capsule

Answer: (A)

Q: 7. Some animals have adapted specific niche. In this specialization, some organs become well

Developed at the expense of others that become vestigial

Select the correct match of the animals

Match the Organs with Animals





Answer: (B)

Q: 8. Which of the following statements is incorrect

(A) cDNA is synthesized from mRNA

(B) cDNA lacks introns

(C) cDNA cannot be expressed outside a eukaryotic cell

(D) Size of cDNA is shorter than the original DNA in a eukaryotic cell

Answer: (C)

Q: 9. The Km value of an enzyme substrate reaction is a measure affinity of the enzyme for its substrate. In presence of a competitive inhibitor, which of the following is true?

(A) The Km and Vmax will increase

(B) The Km will increase but Vmax will remain unaltered

(C) The Km will remain same but Vmax increase

(D) The Km will remain same but Vmax will decrease

Answer: (B)

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