National Standard Examination in Biology (NSEB) Solved Paper 2016 Part-6

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Q: 35. PBR322 (A) is a plasmid having two restriction sites for EcoRI while T4 phage DNA (B) has three restriction sites for it. These two DNA were treated with EcoRI and allowed to run on agarose gel.

Which of the following correctly depicts the EcoRI digested gel pattern?


Q_35_A_Gel Pattern


Q_35_B_Gel Pattern


Q_35_C_Gel Pattern


Q_35_D_Gel Pattern

Answer: (C)

Q: 36.

Starvation proteins are synthesized by the bacteria at the onset of carbon starvation. These are produced by a bacteria during which of the following stages of growth curve?

(A) Lag phase

(B) Exponential phase

(C) Stationary phase

(D) Death phase

Answer: (C)

Q: 37.

Q_37_Pyramid of Marine Ecosystem

The pyramid of numbers for marine ecosystem, tropical deciduous forest, grassland, and temperate forest are depicted above. Arrange the pyramids in the order of ecosystems mentioned above.





Answer: (A)

Q: 38. Stratified squamous epithelium is found in the lining of:

(A) Nasal passage

(B) Urethra

(C) Oesophagus

(D) Blood Vessels

Answer: (C)

Q: 39. Fire play critical roles in development of grasslands. Fire selects against plants with

(A) Basal meristems not easily destroyed by fire/grazers

(B) Permanent above ground parts

(C) Structures for vegetative propagation

(D) Underground storage orgAnswer

Answer: (B)

Q: 40. In which of the following, hydrogen bonding is involved?

(i) Water molecule and other polar molecule

(ii) DNA and RNA (during trAnswercription)

(iii) Metal ion and chelating agent

(iv) Amino acid residues in a helix of a polypeptide

(v) Electron deficient and electron surplus atoms





Answer: (D)

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