NSO (International Science Olympiad) Class 1 Science Past Paper (Previous Year) 2012 Part 1 Download All the Papers for 2021 Exam

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Q 1. Which of these animals has mane and lives in a group called pride?


Lion Clip Art


Art Giraffe Clipart


Zebra Clipart


Elephant Clipart

Q 2. Which of the following is INCORRECT?

(A) We should litter on the road.

(B) We should throw waste into the dustbin.

(C) We should grow more plants and trees.

(D) Trees keep the air fresh and clean.

Q 3. Which of these is a man- made thing?


Nail Polish Clipart


Apple Clipart


Woods Clipart



Q 4. Which of the following we should preferably wear for the weather shown in the given picture?

One Girl is in Rain with Her Umbrella

(A) Leather jackets

(B) Woollen socks

(C) Rubber shoes

(D) Sunglasses

Q 5.

Shows Corns

are ________.

(A) Fruits

(B) Raisins

(C) Cereals

(D) Pulses

Q 6. Which of these is obtained from climbers?


Grapes Clip Art


Brinzal Clip Art


Carrot Clipart


Image Apple Clipart

Q 7. I am yellow in colour. While cooking, you add me in your vegetables to give them colour. I am .

Fill up the blanks with the CORRECT group of alphabets.





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