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Q 16. Why the animal shown in the figure is considered a mammal although it lays eggs which hatch into live young ones?

The Animal is Mammal

1. It is able to dive underwater.

2. It has fur covering its body

3. It has webbed feet

4. It breathes through its lungs

(A) 4 only

(B) 1,2 and 3

(C) 2 and 4

(D) 1,2, 3 and 4

Q 17. Which of the following would NOT help in soil conservation?

(A) Building embankments

(B) Terrace Farming

(C) Afforestation

(D) Overgrazing by cattle

Q 18. Study the given flowchart carefully.

Flowchart Characteristics of Animals

Identify the animals which can be placed at 1,2, 3,4 and 5

Title: Image of Identi Animal Placed
(B)Sea horseDolphinLionParrotSilkworm
(C)TortoiseJelly fishfrogCrowOwl

Q 19. Saurabh is looking very weak and pale. He also gets tired easily. What do you think his diet is deficient in?

(A) Iodine

(B) Iron

(C) Vitamin A

(D) Vitamin C

Q 20. Which planet are the largest and the fastest spinning planet?

(A) Saturn

(B) Jupiter

(C) Venus

(D) Mars

Q 21. Which of the following match is correct about human skeleton?

(A) Number of bones in an adult human – 204

(B) Number of bones in face – 15

(C) Number of pairs of ribs – 11

(D) Number of vertebrae in the backbone – 33

Q 22. What type of joint is shown in the given figure?

Figure Shows Type of Joint

(A) Hinge joint

(B) Ball and socket

(C) Pivot joint

(D) Gliding joint

Q 23. Kishan and his two friends Hari and Mohan are trying to get a good harvest. Which among the three would get a best harvest?

1. Kishan loosened the soil, added manure, and sowed the seeds; He sprayed pesticides to protect the crops.

2. Hari ploughed his fields, added manure, sowed seeds, and irrigated them. He sprayed pesticides too.

3. Mohan sowed seeds, added water, and sprayed pesticides whenever needed.

(A) Kishan

(B) Mohan

(C) Hari

(D) None of these

Q 24. The table shows what four vases P, Q, R and S contain

Title: Table of Four Vases
VaseNumber of stalks of flowersAmount of chemical

X (mg)

Amount of water (ml)
P2 stalks4200
R2 stalksNone200
S2 stalksNoneNone

Jasjeet wanted to find out whether chemical X helps to keep flowers fresh for a longer time. Which two vases should Jasjeet compare in order to find this?

(A) P and Q

(B) P and R

(C) Q and R

(D) Q and S

Q 25. Which would be the best material to use, while making the handle of a tea kettle?

(A) Aluminium

(B) Wood

(C) Glass

(D) Iron

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