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Direction: Ritu carried out an experiment with four strings. The strings were of equal length and thickness. She kept adding weights on each string until each string broke.

She then tabulated her results in a table as shown here.

Title: Table of Tabulated
W230 g
X150 g
Y110 g
Z290 g

Study the table carefully and answer the questions.

Q 43. What is the purpose of the experiment?

(A) To test the flexibility of each string

(B) To test the strength of each string

(C) To test the weight of each string

(D) To test the thickness of each string

Q 44. If Ritu wanted to use a string to tie a load of 130 g, which of the following string (s) should she use?

(A) Y only

(B) X only

(C) W and Z

(D) W, X and Z

Q 45. Which of the following would help in preventing pollution?

(A) Tall chimneys must be fitted in factories.

(B) Untreated dirty water must be released into seas, rivers or lakes.

(C) We must get our vehicles fitted with CNG or LPG kits.

(D) Both (B) and (C)

Q 46. The given flowchart shows various means of transport.

Flowchart Various Means of Transport

Where would you place submarine, tram and metro train in the given flowchart?

Submarine Tram Metro

(A) b – (ii) a – (i) a – (ii)

(B) c – (i) a – (ii) b – (iii)

(C) b – (ii) a – (ii) a – (ii)

(D) b – (ii) c – (i) a – (i)

Q 47. Study the given flowchart. Which of the following options has correctly identified the examples that belong to X, Y and Z?

Flowchart Shows Three Objects

(A) Book-Air -Blood

(B) Water-Electricity -Oxygen

(C) Nitrogen-Syrup -Vase

(D) Stapler-Cheese-Milk

Q 48. Which of the following could be the symptom of measles?

(A) Red rashes on the body

(B) Blood with sputum

(C) Nails, eyes and skin become yellow

(D) Swollen neck

Q 49. The given picture X shows a rabbit.

Image X Shows a Rabbit

Which two rabbits below are mostly likely the parents of X?

Image Shows Rabbits Mostly Likely the Parents of X

(A) P and Q

(B) Q and S

(C) Q and R

(D) R and S

Q 50. What happens to a mug of hot water when we leave it in the refrigerator?

(A) It gains heat from the surroundings and cools down.

(B) It loses heat to the surroundings and cools down.

(C) It gains heat from the surroundings and maintains its temperature.

(D) It loses heat to the surroundings and maintains its temperature.

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