NSO Class 5 Past Year 2013 Higher Questions and Answers Part 2

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11. If AB is 3rd multiple of 4, GF is one less than the first odd prime number, BC is the common factor of 2 and 8 other than 1, and AG is one-fourth of BC, then find the difference between shaded and unshaded perimeter of the figure. (Not drawn to scale)

Shaded and Unshaded Area

(A) 24 units

(B) 48 units

(C) 30 units

(D) None of these

12. The given image is the mirror-image of digital clock if the mirror is placed vertically to the right. The correct time in the clock is ________.





13. In a class Vidya ranks 7th from the top. Divya is 7 ranks ahead of Megha and 3 ranks behind Vidya. Sushma who is 3rd from the bottom is 32 ranks behind Megha. How many students are there in the class?

(A) 49

(B) 50

(C) 52

(D) None of these

14. In the given question, four words are given, out of which three are same in a certain way. Find the odd one.

(A) Scalene Triangle

(B) Right Triangle

(C) Isosceles Triangle

(D) Triangle

15. Shristi places a pan filled with ice on the gas stove. If the temperature increases by every minute, how long will the water take to boil?

(A) 1500 seconds

(B) 1200 seconds

(C) 1000 seconds

(D) 500 seconds

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