NSO (National Science Olympiad) Class 5 Past Paper (Previous Year) 2019 Set B Part 2 Download All the Papers for 2021 Exam

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11. Study the Venn diagram.

Image Shows Venn Diagram

Which letters in the Venn diagram represent wood, juice and oxygen respectively?





12. A cooking method which does not involve use of oil is________.

A. Frying nuggets

B. Picking of mango

C. Boiling potatoes

D. Both B and C

13. Identify the given figure and select the correct option regarding it.

Identify the Figure

A. It was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II.

B. Its design is a combination of both Hindu and Muslim architectural style.

C. It is made of red sandstone and concrete.

D. It was used to forecast weather changes.

14. Amit filled a bottle up the rim with water and placed it in the freezer. What he saw a few hours is shown in the figure given here.

Bottle Rim with Water in Freezer

What does it show?

A. Freezing decreases mass of water.

B. Freezing compresses water.

C. Freezing increases volume of water.

D. Freezing increases mass of water.

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