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17. Refer to the given figure and select the correct statement regarding it.

Refer to the Given Figure

A. in this plant, roots are fixed to the bottom of the pond.

B. the leaves of this plant lack stomata.

C. the body of this plant is filled with air.

D. Both B and C

18. The given figures represent different phases of the Moon.

Different Phases of the Moon

Which of the following shows the correct phase of the Moon at Q?


Phase of the Moon at Q Choice - A


Phase of the Moon at Q Choice - B


Phase of the Moon at Q Choice - C


Phase of the Moon at Q Choice - D

19. Select the option that correctly identifies the animals X and Y in the given flow chart.

The Animals X and Y in the Given Flow Chart





20. Match column I will column II and select the correct option from the given codes.

Match Column I Will Column II and Select the Correct Option from the Given Codes
Column IColumn II
P. Solid to vapour change
  1. Condensation
Q. Separation of miscible liquids
  1. Sedimentation
R. Setting down of heavier particles
  1. Sublimation
S. Vapour to liquid change
  1. Distillation

A. P- (i) , Q- (iv) , R- (ii) , S- (iii)

B. P- (iii) , Q- (ii) , R- (iv) , S- (i)

C. P- (iii) , Q- (iv) , R- (ii) , S- (i)

D. P- (ii) , Q- (i) , R- (iv) , S- (iii)

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