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Q 17. The given diagram shows the reactions of three metals with dilute hydrochloric acid. What are metals P, Q, R?

Reactions of Three Metals Dilute Hydrochloric Acid


(A) Copper Magnesium Zinc

(B) Copper Zinc Magnesium

(C) Magnesium Zinc Copper

(D) Zinc Magnesium Copper

Q 18. Ramesh mixed some iron fillings with sulphur powder in a china dish. in another dish he mixed iron fillings, sulphur powder, and heated the mixture.

Mixed Iron Filling Sulphur in China Dish

Which of his observations is not correct?

(A) Dish X is shows a physical change while dish y shows a chemical change.

(B) In dish X sulphur powder and iron fillings can be seen separately.

(C) The change which has taken place in dish Y is reversible.

(D) The change which has taken place in dish Y is reversible.

Q 19. Given below are few statements.

I. When rubbed on fingers, bases give a soapy feeling.

II. The salt produced in neutralization reaction may be acidic, basic, or neutral.

III Antacids are acids used to treat acidity and indigestion.

Select the correct option.

(A) Only I is correct

(B) Only I and II are correct

(C) Only I and III are correct

(D) All I, II and III are correct.

Q 20. Few characteristics of three fuels X, Y and Z are given below.

Title: Table of Characteristics Three Fuels
Not easily stored or transported.Can be stored in tanks and transported through pipes.Can be stored in tanks and transported through pipes.
Extremely polluting.Produce almost no Pollutants.Moderately Polluting.

Identify X, Y and Z respectively

(A) L PG, Biogas, Coal

(B) Coal, natural gas, petroleum

(C) Petroleum, LPG, Coal

(D) Natural gas, Cow dung cake, LPG

Q 21. Three experiment to investigate the re activities of three metals are shown.

What is the correct order of reactivity for these three metals?

Experiment Investigate Three Metals Show

(A) Chromium, Manganese, Nickel

(B) Manganese, Chromium, Nickel

(C) Manganese, Nickel, Chromium

(D) Nickel, Chromium, Manganese

Q 22. Four experiment on rusting are shown below.

Experiment Rusting Shown

Which two experiment can be used to show that air is needed for iron to rust?

(A) 1 and 3

(B) 1 and 4

(C) 2and 3

(D) 2and 4

Q 23. If Raman opened the air hole of a Bunsen burner fully and lighted the burner he will get ________.

(A) A luminous flame, which is orange-yellow in colour.

(B) A non -luminous flame, which is pale blue in colour.

(C) A flame that strike back, which is thin blue or green-yellow in colour.

(D) A smoky flame, which gives off a lot of soot.

Q 24. Select the correct option, which on rearranging gives the term for the ground water stored between layer of hard rock below the water table.

(A) Duclos

(B) Refquai

(C) Ragclei

(D) Pwmas

Q 25. Observe the given apparatus carefully showing an activity performed to compare the carbon Dioxide content to inhaled and exhaled air. What would be the observation for T1 and T2 test tubes and its correct explanation [ () indicates milky coloration in limewater]

Mouthpiece, Linewater