NSO Level 2 Class 3 Paper 2016 − 17 Higher Questions and Answers Part 2

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Question 10:

Who Am I?

Who am I?









Question 11:

Given here are the shapes of some constellations. Select the option that correctly identifies the names of these constellations.

The Shapes of Constellations
Select the Option That Correctly Identifies the Names of These Constellations
A.OrionScorpiusUrsa majorLeo
B.Ursa majorScorpiusOrionLeo
C.LeoScorpiusOrionUrsa major
D.ScorpiusLeoUrsa majorOrion

Question 12:

Study the given setups and select the option which shows the correct shadows formed on screen in each setup.









Question 13:

In the given picture, the girl ‘a’ is putting more efforts to pull the sack bag as compared

to the girl ‘b’ . Girl ‘a’ has to work more against a force which also ________.

The Girl is Putting Pull the Sack Bag

A. Changes the direction of a moving object

B. Causes all objects to fall to the ground

C. Prevents us from slipping when we walk

D. Makes a stationary object to move

Question 14:

Select the INCORRECT statement regarding soil.

A. Formation of soil is a slow process which may take millions of years.

B. Soil contains water but lacks air.

C. Clayey soil has good water holding capacity whereas sandy soil cannot hold much water.

D. Loam is a mixture of sand and clay and is the best soil for growth of most plants.

Question 15:

Siddhi took some plasticine and shaped it into object X. She reshaped the same piece

of plasticine into object Y. We can conclude that both objects have the same ________.

Siddhi Took Some Plasticine

A. P and Q only

B. P and R only

C. Q and R only

D. P, Q and R

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